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Air treatment

Air Purifiers: the aim of air purifiers is to provide 99.995% pure air. It is very beneficial for sportspersons, persons with allergies, asthma and other respiratory pathologies. Furthermore, breathing air free of pollutants, viral, bacteriological and allergenic agents represents a great advantage for our state of health.

Scent Diffusors: Scent diffusors are devices that help to improve the atmosphere at home. Besides looking after the body, they also create a harmonious and balanced atmosphere wherever they are used which is good for the health. These devices diffuse scents from essential oils and help to release tension, relax the mind, free energy and even help you to breath better. Besides the main function of aromatherapy, some of these devices have a radio alarm clock, remote control, illumination, sound control, etc. A series of additional functions that provide greater comfort and convenience to everyday life.

Humidifiers: Humidifiers are devices that humidify the air, creating a pleasant atmosphere and improving the quality of the air. At the same time as the air is freed of bacteria, thanks to functions such as the diffusion of the scent of essential oils, the atmosphere in the home is transformed into a paradise.

Air treatment

Brands vs products

Tecnovita by BH is at the cutting edge of research and development of products that improve the welfare of users. Their catalogue offers a wide range of products related to care and welfare. In their catalogue there are humidifiers, a complementary product whose objective is to improve the quality of the air and make the atmosphere more pleasant in order to improve the quality of the life users.

Oregon Scientific, is specialized in creating electronic products to cover the needs of the current lifestyle. This category includes products such as the i.Relax, which has the most advanced technologies such a ultrasounds. At the same time as they diffuse a fragrance, they create a natural mood with light and sound to stimulate the senses.

HoMedics studies the needs of their clients and invest in the best technologies to be able to offer the best products. The welfare of their users is their objective. Thus, this category includes practical humidifiers and scent diffusers incorporating the latest technology for greater comfort.

Pure Air Bubble is an isolated space where users may enjoy pure air. It is a giant bubble where you can breathe 95.995% pure air with a continuous regeneration - free of pollutant particles, viral agents...

Air treatment

Techniques for the treatment of the atmosphere


    The calming scents of essential oils, also known as aromatherapy oils, are known to help release tension, relax the mind, free energy and even help you to breath better on cold winter days.


    Light therapy is a comprehensive health field which uses colour to affect our moods, emotions and even health.


    It is believed that sounds that come from nature, such as birdsong, waterfalls, waves in the sea, have a calming effect on our mood.