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Amix Performance, belonging to the brand Amix, is a new range of nutritional complements, made exclusively by and for resistance sports. Products that have been created especially for those sportspersons who are looking for quality and efficacy in their sports life.

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Amix Performance Mission

Amix Performance takes care of the smallest details to create a unique line, that has been formulated using the best raw materials in the world and most advanced technology. The objective is to satisfy the most demanding sportspersons helping them to progress and enjoy sport in its purest state. Unlike other complements, the Amix Performance range was perfectly studied and formulated to cover the demand for nutrients among sportspersons with high physical and calorie consumption.

Amix Performance

History of Amix

"Large Fitness" was set up in Manchester in 2003. It is a company that develops Sports Nutrition products for athletes with maximum physical demands.

Together with the main brand "Amix Nutrition", the Company has captured the most demanding consumers from all over Europe thanks to their exhaustive research into a new product and design and into the use of top quality ingredients. It has also become one of the most respected producers in the field of sports nutrition and supplements in Europe and has attracted true professionals.

Amix Performance