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Extreme Force Pre-Workout - 1kg
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Extreme Force Pre-Workout - 1kg


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    Extreme Force Pre-Workout - 1kg Extreme Force Is a formula de signed to stimulate muscle growth and increase strength. Nitric oxide supplements GNF001

    Characteristics Extreme Force Pre-Workout - 1kg

    • Increasing maximum strength and explosive strength
    • Increasing Nitric Oxide synthesis
    • Increasing energy levels
    • Diminishing muscular acidity
    • Increasing protein synthesis and muscle growth
    • Increasing anaerobic capacity

    Creatine increases physical performance in successive bursts of short - term, high intensity exercise.

    Pre-Workout Extreme Force GoldNutrition is a formula de signed to stimulate muscle growth and increase strength, by increasing the capacity for muscular work, the production of nitric oxide, the stimulation of IGF-1, insulin and increas ing energy.

    Its complete formula contains Creatine monohydrate, which has be en researched owing to its explosive strength and muscle mass , enabling longer sessions on weights and increasing speed; Beta-Alanine: one of the most effective ingredients to increase levels of carnosin e in the muscle, fighting against muscle acidity, thus encouraging longer muscle workout sessions; AAKG: precursor of nitric oxide and a booster of blood flow to the muscle, as well as elimination of toxic metabolites resulting from intense training; BCAA's: essential to avoid muscular catabolism and to stimulate protein synthesis . This innovative formula contains Chromium that improves the metabolism of sugars and stimulates insulin, boosting muscle growth; Alpha-Lipoic acid that facilitates the entrance of Creatine in to the muscle, as well as being a powerful antioxidant, and caffeine to increase energy levels during workouts and to improve muscle contraction.

    Pre-Workout Extreme Force GoldNutrition enhances explosive strength, muscle mass and recovery, improving and boosting the whole muscle meta bolism durin g a workout and regenerating the muscle after training.

    Suggested usage

    Take 1 dose (3 scoops - 50 g) 30 to 45 minute s before training. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

    Preparation: Add 3 levelled scoops (50g) to 250 ml of moderately cool water, stir well and drink.

    Format and flavour

    Extreme Force Pre-Workout - 1kg / Cola


    Maltodextrine, Creatine monohydrate (10%), Fructose, Beta-Alanine (6%), Acidifier (Citric Acid), L-Leucine (4%), L-Arginine AKG (2%), L-Isoleucine (2%), L-Valine (2%), Colour (malt extract), Taurine (0,5%), Cola flavouring , Caffeine anhydrous (0,24%), Alpha-Lipoic acid (0,2%), L-Citruline malate (0,1%), Sodium chloride, Sweeteners (sucralose, acesulfame K), Chromium chloride.

    Contains a source of phenylalanine.

    Nutritional information

     Per 100 gPer serving (50 g)
    Energy 358 Kcal / 1 515 kJ 189 kcal / 798 kJ
    Fat 0,2 g 0,1 g
    Of which Saturates 0 g 0 g
    Carbohydrates 69 g 33 g
    Of which Sugars 13 g 6 g
    Protein 0,27 g 0,11 g
    Fibre 14 g 7 g
    Salt 0,32 0,16
    Chromium 20 µg 10 µg (25%*)
    Creatine monohydrate 10 g 5 g
    Beta-Alanine 6 g 3 g
    L-Leucine 4 g 2 g
    L-Arginine AKG (AAKG) 2 g 1 g
    L-Isoleucine 2 g 1 g
    L-Valine 2 g 1 g
    Taurine 500 mg 250 mg
    Caffeine 240 mg 120 mg
    Alfa Lipoic acid 200 mg 100 mg
    L-Citruline malate 100 mg 50 mg
    • Gold Nutrition
    • Official Supplier

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    • Raw materials used by Extreme Force are of first quality and Doping Free

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