Different types of gels to use before, during and after your training sessions

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Benefits of gels

Gels are especially designed for endurance sports such as running, cycling or the triathlon. The advantage they have over isotonic drinks or energy bars in general, is their handiness, as with gels it is not necessary to stop your activity to get an extra dose of energy for your body.

They are complex carbohydrates which help to hydrate the body if they are taken before exercise, provide energy when consumed during exercise and aid speedy recovery if taken afterwards. They should be taken with lots of water and electrolyte rich products to enhance the absorption of nutrients. Research overwhelmingly shows that sportsmen are generally tolerant to these products and they do not have any adverse effects.

En fitnessdigital, we supply the leading brands whose manufacturers take enormous care with the design of these products, such as 226ERS, market leaders in endurance sports, Victory Endurance, extremely popular with our clients, Maxifuel, the brand of the professionals backed by the pharmaceutical company GSK, and finally, Amix, who will shortly extend their range with a brand dedicated to exclusively to endurance sports.


Types of gels

Used correctly, gels provide runners, cyclists and other endurance athletes with a quick way of absorbing the nutrients which their body needs to maintain optimum levels of energy during long training sessions. We distinguish between gels with caffeine and those without so that users can decide exactly when during their training they want to have high intensity peaks.

Gels without caffeine help to maintain a constant level of energy avoiding sudden energy loss or "bonking". Gels with caffeine provide a short but incredibly intense energy peak. Combining both types of gels helps you to get the optimum performance and so push back your limits.