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Nutrition bars
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What are bars?

Bars are one of the most common supplements by sportspersons. They are an ideal snack, they do not fill the stomach before a workout but do provide sufficient energy and the necessary nutrients to work out more efficiently. Bars have many advantages and therefore their consumption has spread beyond the limits of sports, it is very common for them to be consumed even by sedentary persons as a snack to eat between meals. They are easy to eat, carry about and provide more fibre and less sugar than traditional sweets.


Which bars should I consume?

We can find specific bars to increase weight whose compositions are high in calories and must be taken in the phases in which we wish to increase our muscle mass and weight. With two bars a day (mid-morning and before a workout) we provide our body with the perfect combination of hydrates, proteins and healthy fats that we need to achieve our goals.

Energy and recovery bars are more suitable for resistance sports, as we find ingredients in their compositions such as cereals, fruit, sugars and other hydrates of different levels of absorption for the sportsperson. They are a perfect complement for the consumption of isotonic and recovery drinks and also alleviate the sensation of hunger during very long periods of exercise.

For the gym goer or simply to complete a healthy and balanced diet, we can opt for protein bars. We have a wide variety, from bars designed to be taken during periods of definition to bars that reach over 40% of ideal proteins for high protein diets.