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Smith, power cages and racks Reebok

Smith Machines, Cages and Racks are muscle strengthening equipment that are easy to use and which serve as a support for free weight training using bars and weights. This equipment, which combines robustness, design and innovation, serve to carry out a wide range of exercises such as sit ups, squats, biceps and triceps extensions, chest press, French press among many others. Some key and indispensable exercises in every workout programme. More info

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Reebok Functional Cage

Reebok Functional Cage


Dedicated anchor points for functional training accessories. Large enough to accommodate a weightlifting ...

Buyers Guide for Smith Machines, Cages and Racks

Smith Machines, Cages and Racks are muscle strengthening equipment to carry out free weight exercises, similar to others, yes, but with certain differences, both in terms of possibilities and manufacturing. Some even incorporate multi-position benches to increase exercise possibilities.

  • 1) Exercise possibilities
  • 2) Dimensions and Supported Weight

1) Exercise possibilities

Depending on the type and model, the features of the equipment (Smith Machines, Cage or Rack), can vary and, therefore, the exercise possibilities with free weights too.

2) Dimensions and supported Weight

It is very important to bear in mind the weight supported by the apparatus, in order to know beforehand the maximum intensity at which you can train. You should also bear in mind the dimensions to ensure that you have enough space at home for the apparatus.

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