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Sports watch and heart rate monitor accessories

Optimize the control and analysis of your workouts with these heart rate monitor accessories

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Sports watch and heart rate monitor accessories

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Heart rate monitor accessories

This category includes all the accessories that can be used with the heart rate monitors, either for adding additional functions to the device or to maintain or replace certain parts: sensors (for running, GPS, for cycling or to measure your pulse), batteries, belts, data transmission cables or protection and watch cleaning systems.

heart rate monitor accessories


Sensors are the most popular accessory for heart rate monitors, as they add useful functions for training analysis.

For example the GPS sensors, which transmit your location via GPS and enable the heart rate monitor to show data such as speed, altitude, distance or location, among other functions associated with GPS coordinates. Cycling sensors, fixed to the wheel or the pedal of a bicycle, count the number of wheel spins and provide data such as speed, distance, cadence or pedalling power. Running sensors are placed on the running shoe and measure the number of strides during training sessions or competitions to offer information about speed, distance or pace. Finally, heart rate sensors, measure your heart rate, important information to help you achieve your targets in each training session.

So choosing between one type of sensor or another will depend on which sport you do and the targets you set yourself. It should be noted that the use you can make of the data provided by these sensors depends on the compatibility with the heart rate monitor in question.

After getting the data via the transmission devices, the information can be downloaded to a PC to analysis and monitor your statistics, to compete with other users or share the results and records with friends or using the available online applications.

heart rate monitor accessories

Replacement Accessories

Batteries and belts are other essential accessories for a heart rate monitor. With constant wear and tear, the useful life of these accessories is affected and this may affect the performance of the heart rate monitor. For this reason, in order to guarantee the optimum performance of your device, it is important to replace these accessories when they show signs of deteriorating. And with accessories like those in the subcategory "Watch Protection and Cleaning", it is possible to increase the life of your device or reduce the amount of wear and tear.