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Healthy lifestyles

At fitnessdigital we advocate healthy lifestyles and for that reason we have a wide variety of products which complement each other perfectly so that the consumer can achieve and maintain their ideal weight. With a suitable diet and physical exercise, only a little help is needed to achieve our targets.

Weight control is not just about aesthetics, it brings us health benefits and of course, it makes feel better about ourselves. We only have to find out the possibilities offered to us by the various products and make the most of them.


Excess weight, unsuitable diets and a sedentary lifestyle are the causes of multiple ailments and illnesses which affect our health and can even affect our psychological state.

Some of the benefits of weight control are the prevention of illnesses associated with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, blood sugar levels or heart disease.

In short, following a healthy diet, doing some sport and the taking the right supplements is the way to improve our quality of life.

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Types of weight management products


The products grouped together in "Thermogenics" and "Fat Mobilizers", are all used as fat burners, however, they act in a different way and, in fact, complement each other.

Thermogenics work by activating the metabolism, accelerating energy consumption and this creates heat. They are compositions with high levels of stimulants (caffeine, cayenne extract...) which generate an increased capacity for training and an increase in energy, which, in turn, is easily used to burn fat. Fat mobilizers, on the other hand, are milder. They help us to burn fat in a very different way, transporting the fat cells to the inside of the mitochondria and thereby causing them to be oxidized and used up. They combat cholesterol and triglycerides and delay tiredness. In this group we include products based on L-Carnitine or CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

We can get very positive synergies when we use products from both categories and results are quickly noticeable when this combination is accompanied with sports activities and a healthy and balanced diet.


These sections include products which are used more sporadically, as occasional natural complements to our slimming or toning drives. They can also be combined with other weight management products without problem.

Substitutes are prepared from powder or liquids and take the place of a meal. They should be accompanied by low calorie diets and must always be taken under the supervision of a doctor or a nutritionist. Blockers can target both carbohydrates and fats. Before starting a meal we should take the product so it blocks the targeted macronutrient (fats or hydrates) which will not be assimilated by the body. It should be pointed out that these products cannot be used continuously, they are suitable for avoiding ingesting large quantities during big meals or for occasional use.

When overweight is due to liquid retention, diuretics are the best way to combat this as they also help our body to keep free from toxins. The way to lose weight, therefore, is not tied exclusively to burning fat so these products are compatible with the other products mentioned previously.

We remind you that any supplement for weight management should only be taken under the supervision of a doctor or a nutritionist and we can only get the results we seek if we combine a healthy diet with an active lifestyle.

control de peso

control de peso