Weight gain bars

These bars are one of the most common supplements consumed by athletes and sportspersons. They are easy snacks to eat and transport and are available in different flavours and textures. Specifically, weight increase bars have high calorie compositions, are ideal to consume during periods of growth and development, situations of high calorie consumption and intense sports workouts. They may be consumed before workouts or at any time of day depending on the calorie needs or the phase of muscle building in which we are in order to reinforce the diet.

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    Amix Mr.Poppers Flap Jack Oat Bar - 30 x 120g

    Amix Mr.Poppers Flap Jack Oat Bar - 30 x 120g

    Delivery 3 - 5 working days

    Flavour: Yoghurt, Toffee, Double chocolate, Cappuccino

    • Goal:Gain mass
    • Administration:At any time
    • Format:Bars

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