Abdominal exercise equipment

Abdominal machines are weight training machines specialized in developing and toning the muscles of the mid-body area: abdominals, lower back and hips. These machines, ergonomic and perfectly adaptable to the body, offer smooth and fluid movements to obtain a specific and efficient workout of the abdominal region.

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  • The full-range cam design has an easy-to-use pop pin that allows an additional 26 adjustments to increase and control your range-of-motion.
    Body-Solid Ab and Back Machine GCAB360
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    Body-Solid Ab and Back Machine GCAB360

    • Machine Type:Plate Load
  • 5 position adjustable seat.
    Body-Solid GAB300 Semi-Recumbent Ab Bench
    • Machine Type:Plate Load

Buying guide: what to know before buying an abdominal machine online

The main benefit of abdominal machines is precisely their specialty. As they are machines designed exclusively to work the middle area of the body, all the user's efforts are focused only on that area, on the abdominals, lumbars or hips, achieving a higher intensity work on these muscles and better results.

Máquinas de abdominales

What types of abdominal machines are there?

Although the decision of whether or not to purchase an abdominal machine depends mainly on the need or desire to work the muscles of the abdominal area, there are some variables among the models you should take into account:

  1. According to their resistance
  2. According to its use

According to their resistance

As with other types of bodybuilding equipment, the resistance on abdominal machines can be exerted by means of selectable plates or by loading discs. In resistance machines with plates, the plates are easily selected without the need to do it manually. On disc-loaded resistance machines, however, they must be entered manually to vary the weight.

According to its use

All machines, in addition to having a limit on their load capacity and maximum weight that must always be respected, also have a limit on their intensity of use. This means that, depending on the intensity of use, the warranty varies and there are three types: domestic, semi-professional and professional.

Máquinas de abdominales

What are the benefits of abdominal machines?

The use of abdominal machines bring you numerous benefits such as:

  • By using ab machines instead of performing the exercises on the floor, you can control the area you are working on while the machine assists you with the movement during the exercise.
  • They offer greater safety when executing the movement with abdominal machines.
  • These machines allow you to easily add loads to your exercise and intensify it.
  • It helps to tone your abdomen and due to its great comfort with its use avoids bad positions and future back and neck pains.

How should you care for and maintain abdominal machines?

Like all other weight machines, abdominal machines require minimal care and maintenance to prevent them from deteriorating.
In general it is not difficult to maintain these machines, you should carefully check that no part of the machine is missing, paying special attention to the linings and gears.
In those abdominal machines that have plate towers, you should check that the pulleys are not defective or worn.
Finally, as with all fitness machines, sweat and dust should be removed after use.


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