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What are strength training accessories?

They are a series of products that serve as a complement to strength training workouts, for protection and safety, when making a great effort, or as a back up to strength training activity in cardiovascular workouts.

Within this category, we can find many items, from professional gloves, an indispensable complement for any sports activity; lumbar belts, indispensable and designed as support for the spinal column in heavy object lifting exercises; weighted fitness vests, ideal for strength and elasticity workouts, intensifying training; weighted wristbands, whose aim is to strengthen muscles while carrying out another type of sport; and other accessories that build up strength while doing cardio training.

strength training accessories

Types of accessories

This category refers to protectors and strengtheners for cardiovascular activity. Gloves and lumbar belts, among other accessories, protect the sports person when working with free weights (kettlebells, dumbbells, weights, etc.), while weighted wristbands, vests, gloves and ankle bands increase weight in an aim to increase the intensity of cardiovascular exercise, in order to improve effectiveness.

Some simple and easy to use accessories that moreover, are of great help in numerous training exercises.

strength training accessories

Buyer's guide

  • 1. BODY ZONE

    The first thing we must bear in mind when choosing a strength training accessory, is the body zone you wish to protect during workouts, or the zone that you wish to strengthen by increasing the weight, and therefore, effectiveness.


    The weight, the size or the material the accessory is made of, can be decisive when choosing the most suitable product for our training. This will depend on our objectives and needs.


    Finally, the design, colours, etc. may be decisive when choosing the accessory, as in most cases there are numerous possibilities.