Olympic benches

Olympic benches are designed for training with weights, either standard or Olympic. They usually have a built-in support bar, along with other complements such as leg developers, bicep curls, butterfly, etc. This type of muscle strengthening bench usually has multi-position support, it can be flat, inclined or declined. It is important to take into account the maximum load which this type of bench can withstand: user weight + load.

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  • Olympic Bench has multiple adjustments to perform a variety of bodybuilding exercises
    BH G330FD Optima Press Bench
    • Adjustable uprights are designed to be compatible with seven-foot barbells (not included) and can be modified to fit your frame and lifting style.
      ION Fitness FI503 Olympic Bench

      ION Fitness FI503 Olympic Bench

      • Robust frame design, adjustable seat and back pad operates on a slide track that properly places the exerciser in the correct posture for military and chest press exercises.
        Marcy MD857 Olympic bench
        • Olympic Bench has multiple adjustments to perform a variety of bodybuilding exercises
          BH New Optima G330NFD Press Bench
          • This bench moves quickly and easily into place and is stored away as needed.
            Proform Carbon Strength Olympic Bench
            • A great addition to any home gym! The durable bench is made of heavy-duty, steel tubing. To increase longevity, the tubing is powder-coated to resist scratching and scuffing.
              Marcy MKB-367RH Standard Barbell Bench

              Marcy MKB-367RH Standard Barbell Bench

              Delivery 3 - 5 working days
              • A stage above your average starter bench, it features a thicker frame to hold heavier weight loads.
                Proform Sport XT Olympic Bench

                Proform Sport XT Olympic Bench

                Delivery 3 - 5 working days
                • It has a versatile and adjustable 3-position bench that allows for incline, decline, and flat bench press positions.
                  Marcy MWB-36780B Olympic Bench
                  • The poles can be adjusted to the desired size. This ensures a correct execution of the exercise.
                    BH G510 Olympic Rack

                    BH G510 Olympic Rack

                    • Decline, flat , incline and military pressing positions, acepts 6- and 7-foot Olympic bar and adjustable preacher curl pad.
                      Marcy Deluxe MWB-838 Olympic Bench
                    • This heavy weight bench is a true all-rounder, for starters or advanced lifters.
                      Marcy MD-867W Olympic Bench
                      • Olympic Width Bench with Independently Adjustable Uprights. 14 Gauge Powder Coated Steel Tubing. Box Stitched Seat and Backrest.
                        Marcy Eclipse BE5000 Olympic Width Barbell Bench
                      • 6 position adjustable back pad can angle to flat, decline, upright and several incline positions.
                        Marcy Eclipse BE3000 Mid Width Barbell Bench
                      • To help you exercise your shoulders, biceps, pectoral, abdominal, quadriceps and femoral. Foldable in order to make packing away easy.
                        ION Fitness bench

                        Buying guide: what to know before buying an olympic weight bench online

                        Olympic weight benches are used to lift free weights (weight discs or dumbbells). There are a number of factors to consider before choosing the right Olympic weight bench for your needs:

                        • Stability is one of the most relevant factors, it must have the right resistance to support your weight and strength so you should look at the maximum weight supported by the machine.
                        • The space you have available for your machine is important, you should look at the dimensions of the device to have adequate space to perform your exercises.
                        • You must take into account whether you want it for home or professional use since you have different options for each of them.
                        • Also, you will have to decide what type of bench you prefer horizontal, incline or multiposition.

                        What types of Olympic benches are there?

                        There are three types of Olympic benches and each of them refers to the position in which the bench is placed where the exercises are performed:


                        If what you want to develop the upper body of pectorals, shoulders and triceps to the maximum, this type of bench will be the right one. This type of bench is fixed and stable, making it perfect to be used with any fitness accessory to achieve your goals.


                        This type of bench is perfect to perform routines involving weights. Like the horizontal bench, it offers a sturdy and stable structure, allowing the loading of heavy weights and is a suitable machine for the specific training of the upper sections of the pectoral muscles.


                        You can place the bench in different positions to adjust it to your needs. This way you can perform a multitude of exercises by moving the bench easily. Although it is not fixed, it is perfect to perform various exercises offering great stability in its different positions.

                        Technical features of Olympic weight benches

                        1. Dimensions of Olympic weight benches
                        2. Maximum user weight
                        3. Inclination positions
                        4. Extensions or complements
                        5. Rack

                        Dimensions of Olympic weight benches

                        The size of Olympic benches refers to the space they occupy, a fundamental aspect if you do not have enough space at home. Therefore, before purchasing the machine, take this factor into account in order to be able to exercise without any inconvenience.

                        Maximum user weight

                        The maximum user weight is directly related to the resistance of the bench. Depending on the model of Olympic bench you purchase, the maximum weight is different. Therefore, make sure that there is a certain difference between your weight and the maximum weight supported by the machine to ensure safety during the workout. You must also take into account the weight you are going to lift so as not to exceed the maximum load.

                        Inclination positions

                        The benches are stable and sturdy and in some of the models the bench can be adjusted and placed in the right position for each workout. Depending on the type of bench you decide to purchase, you will have to look at the incline positions it has and opt for the one you need depending on the workout you are doing.

                        Extensions or complements

                        Some weight training benches offer supports or complements that add value to the bench. Through these extensions you can develop certain muscles such as the biceps, triceps or quadriceps. The quality and resistance of the add-ons is very important so that they can support the workouts you perform.


                        The width of the rack allows you to use different types of bars and maintain a correct posture during the workout. You must take into account the width of the rack to select the correct bar as its dimensions vary according to the model.

                        What are the benefits of Olympic benches?

                        Olympic benches provide different benefits such as the possibility of working a wide variety of fitness routines with a single machine. They are simple, easy to use and with them you can work muscle groups (upper body, lower body and core) such as quads, triceps, shoulders, pecs, hamstrings; among others. Also, when training on weight benches, the spine and back suffer much less, thus reducing the risk of injury when using it.

                        In addition, they are suitable for all types of users regardless of their height or build.

                        How should you care for and maintain Olympic weight benches?

                        Regarding the care of weight benches, it is important to check from time to time that the joints of the bench are not rusted and to grease it regularly so that the joints and connections of the bench are in optimal condition.
                        In addition, it is essential to clean the bench after each workout, preferably with soap or disinfectant. This will ensure the longevity of the bench and safety during each workout.