Electrostimulators Appearance and Beauty

Aesthetic and beauty electro stimulators are devices that transmit electrical impulses to tone muscles, and have specific programmes to achieve greater firmness and smooth, unwrinkled and younger skin. These electro stimulators complement routine workouts perfectly to achieve optimum physical condition, improve muscle tone and body shape and even enhance wellbeing. By using them regularly you will obtain results quickly and simply.

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  • Professional machine generating radiofrequency waves for aesthetic applicationes, against ageingof the facialand body skin.
    Globus RF Clinic Pro Radio-frequency

    Buying guide: what to know before buying an electrostimulator for Appearance and Beauty?

    There are several aspects to take into account before buying an electrostimulator for aesthetics or beauty. On the one hand, the use you intend to make of it and, on the other hand, the budget you have decided to allocate to your electrostimulator.

    Benefits of Appearance and Beauty electrostimulation

    It has been proven that electrostimulation brings numerous health benefits. Its aesthetic use is quite widespread in our society and some of the advantages they offer are: the elimination of orange peel skin, reduce flaccidity of your abdomen, buttocks and arms, tone facial muscles, provide firmness to the skin and even contribute to the rejuvenation of your skin, among other benefits.

    Types of electrostimulators for appearance and beauty

    There are different brands that work with this type of electrostimulators, but perhaps one of the most recognized devices in this field of appearance are the Globus electrostimulators. As for the types available, depending on the treatment you want to perform, one electrostimulator or another will be more recommendable. To decide on the right electrostimulator, you have to look at the characteristics they present. Some of the electro-stimulators may have the following options:

    • Facial electrostimulator: ideal for treating acne, stretch marks, pimples and as a massage. Using an electrostimulator for your face you can reduce facial and eye wrinkles, couperose, facial scars, facial microlifting and it is also suitable as an anti-aging treatment.
    • Electrostimulator for cellulite: they are suitable for lipolysis, edematous cellulite, Culotte de cheval, male adiposity and male hip adiposity.
    • Body electrostimulator: those with this option are ideal for body wrinkles and sensitive skin, micro-lifting pumps, stretch marks, skin elasticity, among other functions.
    • Electrostimulator beauty: it will help you tone your muscles, facilitate the recovery of your muscles after an effort and reshape your silhouette. It is suitable for slimming, muscle building, toning and sculpting your body.


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