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What are smart bikes and cycling rollers?

Cycling rollers and smart bikes are devices that allow you to simulate an outdoor cycling workout from the comfort of your home. There's no excuse to get in shape with this innovative system.

1) Increased performance

With rollers and smart bikes you will increase your performance because you can train when and how you want. You can simulate steep slopes, extreme conditions, different routes, etc. with maximum power and precision.

2) Ideal for everyone

Anyone can use a smart bike or a cycling trainer as they are suitable for all levels. The choice between the two devices will depend on whether or not you own a conventional bike. If you have a bike that you want to get more out of, a cycling trainer will be enough as it provides you with a multitude of training options that will make you simulate and live a perfect experience. Otherwise, if you do not have a bike, the smart bike is ideal to carry out your indoor cycling training, with simulations and personalized workouts.


Both rollers and smart bikes, increasingly have greater possibilities and connections with your devices to live a complete simulation. Depending on the model, it will have some features or others, so check what your device includes to make use of all its functionalities.