Fitballs, also known as Swiss balls or stability balls, are large rubber balls that offer a wide variety of exercises and provide great benefits for the whole body. This fitness accessory offers you several different and enjoyable ways to tone your abs, buttocks, legs and arms and is highly effective.

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  • Wall rack for 4 gymballs. This rack is ideal for small spaces. It is sturdy and highly durable.
    AFW Gymball Rack

    AFW Gymball Rack

    Delivery 3 - 5 working days
    • The ball aids stability and prevents rolling whilst anti-burst material slowly deflates if punctured.
      Reebok Gray/Black Stability Gymball

      Reebok Gray/Black Stability Gymball

      Delivery 3 - 5 working days

      Diameter: 55cm, 65cm

      • Diameter:55cm
    • Anti-explosion Gymball made of high resistance PVC, from the brand Ruster. Ideal for Cross Training workouts.
      Ruster Gymball

      Ruster Gymball

      Delivery 3 - 5 working days

      Diameter: 55cm, 65cm, 75cm

      • Improves the balance and coordination of the body.
        AFW Gymball Antiburst

        AFW Gymball Antiburst

        Delivery 3 - 5 working days

        Colour: Black, Green, Grey, Blue

        Diameter: 55cm, 65cm, 75cm

        • Suitable as an exercise ball and for all kinds of fitness exercises. For various uses: therapy, office, sports, gymnastics.
          Tunturi Gymball 65cm Black Anti Burst
          • Diameter:65cm
        • Designed by professional trainers for elite athletes, details 16 exercises to maximize your strength and regeneration routine. These 16 exercises include the dynamic plank, glute bridge, and knee tuck.
          SKLZ 65cm Trainerball Sport Performance
          • Diameter:65cm
        • Used within fitness routines to improve overall strength and stability.
          Adidas Grey Gymball

          Diameter: 55cm, 65cm, 75cm

          • Diameter:55cm
        • With the fitballs it makes our whole body work at the same time and thus gain muscle mass in each workout.
          Olive Pilates Ball - 26cm
          • Diameter:26 cm
        • Made from anti-slip material, the ball supports you throughout your workout with a dual-textured surface for maximum grip.
          Adidas Gymball - 65cm
          • Diameter:65cm

        Buyer's Guide to Fitballs

        Fitballs or Swiss balls are round balls filled with air that are frequently used in gyms to tone and strengthen muscles. However, Fitballs have many more uses than commonly thought.

        Fitballs' uses

        The uses of fitballs are very varied, here we detail some of the most common ones:

        Fitballs for sports

        The most widespread use of Fitballs is to exercise both in gyms and at home. Among the workouts where it is most used, Yoga, Pilates or Functional Training classes often incorporate fitballs in their workouts.

        Fitballs for sitting and improving posture

        In addition to toning, fitballs are especially suitable for people with lower back and neck problems. Numerous offices and users already use fitballs as an alternative to the traditional chair, as they prevent back problems and help to maintain a correct posture during the whole time of sitting.

        Fitballs and pelvic floor

        On the other hand, as these balls allow you to exercise the middle part of the body, your muscles or pelvic floor are benefited. Especially in elderly people it is highly recommended to prevent the pelvic floor from weakening and generating urine leakage. As the structure of the ball is very unstable, this causes our body to put to work the muscles of the middle area to maintain balance, reducing potential problems with urine leakage in the future.

        Use of the Fitball in pregnancy

        In addition, Fitballs are highly recommended even for childbirth preparation. Since they have a non-slip surface, this allows pregnant women to exercise without the risk of accidents. As pregnancy progresses, the balls help women maintain balance and stability as well as keep their abdominal muscles strong.

        Pilates fitness balls

        These balls are widely used in Pilates, so much so that they are sometimes referred to as Pilates balls. They allow you to work all parts of your body while doing this sport. Also, during the pilates session with fitballs you will not only exercise coordination and flexibility but also your strength and endurance.

        Recommended exercises with Fitball

        There are a multitude of exercises that you can perform with a Fitball and all of them contribute to improving your physical conditions. Among the most common are:

        • Fitball squats: to work the legs, using the wall as a support point you can perform squats simply.
        • Hyperextension of the back: this exercise works the lower back and is performed lying on the fitball with the hip resting on the ball.
        • Buttock raises: to work your buttocks, you can stand on the floor facing up, raise your hips with your legs bent and feet resting on the fitball. You will notice how you work the area.
        • Strides: the fitball also serves as a support to perform strides, sliding our foot on the ball with the other leg stretched out and with the foot resting on the floor.
        • Push-ups: if you want to exercise your chest and arms, the fitball allows you to do so by placing your legs on top of the ball and flexing your arms on the floor.
        • Plank: another way to exercise the abdomen is doing planks on the fitball so that your body is straight aligned with the ball.

        In addition to these exercises, you can do many more and do different and fun routines with a single fitness accessory.

        Benefits of Fitballs

        Thanks to the great variety of exercises that fitballs can offer, the benefits reported are also varied and important for fitness and health:

        • · They offer a very complete training session at a low cost.
        • · Revitalize all the parts of the body.
        • · Integrate the core in dynamic cardiovascular and abdominal stabilization workouts.
        • · Improve balance, coordination and proprioception.
        • · Correct bad posture and contribute to adopting correct posture.
        • · This is one of the best options for doing low impact exercise.
        • · It tones and stretches the body by means of new exercises.
        • · You gain more strength and control over the active muscle groups.
        • · Exercise can be complemented with benches, dumbbells, medicine balls, etc.

        Besides being good for Yoga, Pilates or Functional Training, working out with fitballs is specially indicated for those persons with lower back and cervical problems, and even to prepare for giving birth. Fitballs are already used in numerous offices as an alternative to the traditional seat, because they prevent back problems and help to keep a correct posture during the time you remain seated.

        How to choose a pilates ball or fitball?

        To choose a pilates ball there are several aspects that you should take into account such as the material or your height, so you can perform exercises safely.


        Size of the Fit ball

        When purchasing a fit ball, the main thing you have to bear in mind is its size, which may be 55, 65 or 75 cm, and the right size for you will depend on your stature:

        · If you are between 1.50 and 1.63 metres tall: Choose a 55 cm fit ball.

        · If you are between 1.63 and 1.80 metres tall: Choose a 65 cm fit ball.

        · If you are between 1.80 and 2.00 metres tall: Choose a 75 cm fit ball.

        It is more effective when you are seated and your thighs are parallel to the floor, i.e. when you bend your legs you form a 90º angle. Besides choosing a fit ball of a suitable size, you have to check regularly that it has enough air inside it, as otherwise it will reduce the efficiency of the training session.


        Fitball Material

        Fitballs are manufactured from synthetic material, which makes this a durable and very resistant accessory for any kind of exercise or workout.