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What are bars, plates and dumbbells?

Bars, plates and dumbbells, the most well know and most popular muscle building equipment, either for individual exercises, or to complement other types of workout such as, for example, Crossfit or Body-Pump, to carry out different types of press or functional training.

This section also includes other types of weights which have become more and more popular in free weight training, such as Kettlebells, and also dumbbells and plate and disc racks and supports for storage and looking after accessories.

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The benefits of working out with bars, discs, plates and dumbbells

The benefits of working out with free weights are many and varied. You improve your physical fitness, your strength, flexibility, coordination and balance, your aerobic capacity, etc.

This type of training and the use of accessories such as discs, dumbbells or kettlebells require more effort from the muscles in each exercise, affording a more complete and functional workout. Also as the user is not attached to or supported by any other apparatus, there is greater freedom of movement and so an increased number of possible exercises. The exercises carried out, fun and dynamic, are adapted easily to the user and to his or her level of expertise and capability.

bars plates dumbbells

A buyers guide to bars, discs and dumbbells


    As with other bodybuilding or muscle strengthening apparatus, the first thing to consider is your objective and the type of workout you are going to be doing: cardiovascular exercises, strength building exercises, power or volume...


    The materials, weights and sizes are another important factor for this kind of accessory. These features, along with the intensity of use determine the quality and product life of your purchase.

  • 3. BRAND

    Finally, some users prefer one brand over another. In this section you can find Kettler, Adidas, Reebok or Body-Solid, all of which are a guarantee of quality and safety in this range of accessories.