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Buying guide: what to know before buying a professional muscle electro stimulator an electro stimulator?

An electrostimulator is a device which generates electrical impulses and when connected to cables, transmits this impulse through electrodes to the muscle causing it to contract. This muscle contraction will strengthen the muscle. Electrostimulators have different programmes, for specific targets or parts of the body. Some of these programmes are aimed more at Sports Performance, others at Fitness and Muscle building, or Aesthetics and Beauty or even for pain relief or Rehabilitation.

The target or needs of the sportsperson is the determining factor when choosing an electrostimulator to use in training sessions or afterwards. If, for example, you have back pain or heavy legs, an electrostimulator for rehabilitation will help you improve your well-being. If, on the other hand, your objective is more focused on defining your muscles, giving them firmness and tone, electro stimulators for fitness are what you are looking for. As you can see, there are many different options and it is important to be clear about what we want to achieve in order to select the most suitable electro stimulator for our needs.

If you are wondering what electrostimulators are for, you should know that they can help us to improve performance, tone the body, recover after a hard workout or after an injury, improve and analyze training... Each electro-stimulator has a series of characteristics and predetermined programs that determine in a certain way the use that can be given to it or for which objectives it is indicated.


Benefits of a muscular electro-stimulator

Electro-stimulation provides us with great benefits such as:

  • Greater muscular activation due to its design, it reaches muscle fibers that cannot be reached with voluntary contractions.
  • Greater resistance, you can do more repetitions in your workouts without feeling fatigued.
  • Reduced risk of injury with the help of electrostimulation you can reduce the risk of injury by preparing your muscles.
  • Reduced stress by using electrostimulation you cause muscle relaxation that reduces pain and reduces stress.
  • You increase strength and muscle mass by working mainly with muscles to improve both strength and endurance.
  • Among many other benefits.

What care do electrostimulators require?

The care you need to carry out will depend on the electrostimulator you have purchased and its characteristics. Some of the most important things to do is to remove the battery: If they have a battery, you should remove it if you are not going to use your device for a while. Use original brand batteries to avoid any problems. Respect the charging times of your electrostimulator, which will greatly extend its useful life. Never carry your device inside the charging base. Do not connect the same cable with the same electrode as it will not work. The skin should be dry avoiding creams and oils so that your electrode lasts longer. Change your electrodes every 25/30 sessions, you can do it before if you see that they have deteriorated a lot with use. Also, if your device is wireless or wireless, keep in mind that if a module does not work you should reset the device by pressing the on-off button until it stops blinking.

What brand of muscle electro stimulator should you buy?

Although the choice of electro stimulator depends, basically, on the use you are going to make of it, the objective and level of the athlete, as well as the programmes and characteristics of the device itself, the brand is another factor which should be taken into account when purchasing an electro stimulator. Brands such as Cefar, Sport-Elec or Tecnovita By BH all have electro-stimulation devices, but perhaps the most well known specialist in this technique are Slendertone and Compex. Two major companies which have been fully dedicated to electro-stimulation for several years now and which offer many products, all excellent, for different uses.

Compex and Slendertone. Slendertone is a global leader in products for improving muscle toning and body shaping. This brand focuses especially on creating specific products for different parts of the body (abdominals, arms, bottom and face) with the aim of helping users to tone these parts of the body and feel better about themselves. On the other hand, Compex focus their efforts on creating products for sportsmen and sportswomen to help them improve their training and to use before, during and after their training sessions. Moreover, their devices, as opposed to those of Slendertone whose products specialize on a particular body area, can be used on different muscles.