Skipping ropes

Skipping ropes or jump ropes are easily adjustable toning accessories which are very popular in cardiovascular workouts, helping to burn off undesired calories and to tone all the body. The aim is to work out different groups of muscles using the skipping technique, an exercise used over decades to improve stamina, speed and agility. More info

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  • Skipping ropes
  • Jumprope Adjustable. Steel cable. Max lenght: 300 cm. Easy to adjust in length.
    Tunturi Steel Blue Adjustable Skipping Rope
  • Jumprope Adjustable. Steel cable. Max lenght: 300 cm. Easy to adjust in length.
    Tunturi Steel Red Adjustable Skipping Rope
  • It is suitable as sporty travel companion due to its very light own weight.
    Tunturi Speed Skipping Rope

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    Tunturi Speed Skipping Rope

  • Ideal for cardiovascular training and muscle toning. Padded, ergonomically designed handles. Center-mounted swive.
    SKLZ Jump Rope

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    SKLZ Jump Rope

  • 6mm leather rope. Ergonomically formed grips. Easy-going ball bearing. Robust components. Additional weight optional. In two lengths.
    Excellerator skipping rope professional leather
  • Jumprope Adjustable. Steel cable. Max lenght: 300 cm. Easy to adjust in length.
    Tunturi Steel Green Adjustable Skipping Rope
  • Helps you burn those unwanted calories and tone the body so that you'll work all the major muscle groups. Made of high quality lightweight nylon. Easily adjustable length. Storage case/wall bracket included. Length: 3m.
    Reebok Weighted Pro Speed Rope

    Delivery 1 working day

    Reebok Weighted Pro Speed Rope

  • High quality skipping rope with ball-bearings in the grips. Ergonomically formed handgrips. High jump rate is possible. Including training guide. Length: 2,8 m. Fast smooth motion.
    Reebok Premium Speed Rope Red
  • Weight set made of 2x 154g. Made of galvanised steel. With precise thread.
    Excellerator Additional weights for skipping rope Professionell
  • Ideal for exercising on the go. Includes: 2 skipping ropes of different strengthes, 2 x 50 g. grip weights and 2 x 100 g. grip weights.
    Adidas skipping rope set
  • Ideal for exercising on the go. Adjustable rope length
    Adidas Speed Skipping Rope
  • Builds strength, power, endurance, balance and muscle control. Comes in 40' for optimal performance.
    SKLZ Training Rope Pro
  • It's light and fast. 300cm. Adjustable length. Easy grip handles. Easily adjustable and can be cut to suit your height.
    Adidas Skipping Rope
  • With smooth ball bearing within handle. 3m quick and easy adjustable length.
    Reebok Premium Speed Rope Black
  • These ropes are portable and can be used anywhere for both indoor and outdoor training.
    Body-Solid Battle Rope 1.5 Inch / 30 Feet/ 9,14 meters BSTBR1530
  • Jumprope Adjustable. Steel cable. Max lenght: 300 cm. Easy to adjust in length.
    Tunturi Steel Black Adjustable Skipping Rope
  • 2-in-1 training device. Can be used as skipping rope or tube. Varied use: stamina, strength, coordination, flexibility. Ergonomic grips for an optimal use. Ball-bearings provide an excellent comfort despite a high speed.
    Excellerator skipping rope Professional elastic
  • Ergonomically formed grips. Smoothly-working ball-bearings. Additional weights optional. Extremely robust. 8mm PVC-rope. We recommend the longer rope for persons with a height more than 1.75 m. Adjustable rope
    Excellerator skipping rope Professionell PVC Jumbo Tubing
  • 3m adjustable length. Lightweight, ergonomic handles. Stainless steel ball bearings for a smooth transition.
    Adidas Jump Rope
  • Extreme rotation speeds are possible. Ergonomically formed grips. Smooth ball-bearings. 6mm PVC-rope. Very robust. Additional weights are optionally available.
    Skipping rope Excellerator Professionell PVC

Buyer?s Guide to skipping ropes

Incorporating skipping ropes and cables in workout routines provides great benefits, as we have already mentioned, skipping is a very efficient exercise.

  • · Improve perception, because good coordination is required between feet and hands.
  • · Contribute to the loss of weight when exercising effectively and constantly.
  • · Develop speed and improve stamina.
  • · Build up the abdominal, lumbar, hip and back muscles.
  • · Strengthen the bone structure of the body.

When purchasing skipping ropes you should bear in mind some aspects, such as the possibility of adjusting the length of the rope or whether the handles of the accessory are weighted or not. The options to adjust the length of the rope are closely related to comfort when carrying out exercises. Some skipping ropes incorporate additional weight in the handles in order to increase the weight and, therefore, the intensity of workouts.