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What are electro-stimulation accessories?

Electro-stimulation accessories are small devices which are essential when using electro stimulators such as, for example, electrodes, there are also cables, chargers or batteries. So, as well as being necessary, they are fundamental for ensuring that the electro stimulator always works in the way it should and at an optimum level.

electro-stimulation accessories

Types of accessories

With normal wear and tear, some components, such as electrodes, (these are small components which are placed on a muscle and connected to the electro stimulator by cables through which the signal is transmitted to get the muscle to contract safely and effectively), or batteries, wear out and it is necessary to replace them. In order to guarantee that the electro stimulator continues to function correctly then when these accessories begin to show signs of wear they should be replaced by new ones to ensure optimum performance is maintained and that you are being kept on target to reach your goals.

Other accessories, such as gels for electro-stimulation, lengthen the operating life of the electrodes. Just applying a small quantity of gel on the skin before placing the electrode on the skin is enough to significantly reduce wear and tear of the electrode. The device chargers and cables should not wear out, but there is the possibility that at some time or other they could stop working or you could lose them, etc. In these cases it is always comforting to know that substitutes are available if necessary.

electro-stimulation accessories

Tips to make the electrodes last longer

Signs of wear and tear on an electrode

The electrodes should be replaced when they are showing clear signs of wear and tear but, how can we spot when this is happening? The most obvious and clearest sign that an electrode is beginning to wear out is the experience of an unpleasant sensation just in the application zone. When you notice this it is time to replace the electrode. In whatever case, whenever the electrode appears dirty or the gel seems to be losing its consistency and breaking up, it is time to change the electrode.

Duration of the electrodes

There are several factors which influence the duration of the electrodes. First, their use. If they are not be using correctly their operating life will be reduced. The type of skin and the use of an additional gel are other influential factors to be taken into account in the operating life of these accessories.