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The Air Bike is one of the most intense ways of doing cardio. With this machine you do great cardiovascular work in addition to training your upper and lower body. Also, you train your body's core since that's where the movement you channel to your joints begins. In Crossfit it is one of the most used machines because it allows you to train your whole body in a simple and effective way. Whether you are experienced or not, Air Bikes put all the athletes who try them to the test.

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    BH Hiit H889 Air Bike

    BH Hiit H889 Air Bike

    • This digital console has several functions, 4 target modes, 3 flashing modes and a button panel to jump from one workout to another with minimal effort.
      Bodytone Airbike v1
      • Monitor:
      • Wi-Fi:No

    Buying guide: what to know before buying an Air Bike online

    Air bikes are static bikes that use air as a resistance. There are three different types of resistance:

    • Magnetic resistance uses the steering wheel (which acts as a magnetic conductor) and two powerful magnets. By interfering with the steering wheel in the magnetic field, an attraction is generated that produces a resistance force. This type of resistance requires less resistance since you will only have to check your wires and screws sporadically. They can be manual or programmable depending on whether they are manually or automatically operated.
    • Electromagnetic or induction resistance is exerted by an electromagnet (more professional solution). It is more precise than magnetic and allows you to work on watts of resistance without the need for magnets.
    • Air resistance does not use a flywheel but has a fan with high resistance incorporated. It does not create either magnetism or friction since its resistance comes from the air. The pulleys and belt connect the pedals to the fan and as you pedal, the speed increases and so does the resistance. For maintenance, you should mainly look at the fan blades and their screws from time to time.
    • The Air Bikes are equipped with double action handlebars that allow you to perform a more complete exercise for the whole body.

      How do Air Bikes work?

      Its system is very simple, while you pedal, the fan spins and is related to your speed during the exercise. As you increase your speed and pedaling, the fan will put more resistance to increase the intensity of your workout. The more speed, the more resistance, and therefore the more intensity.
      Air bikes are perfect for HITT interval training. With an Air Bike, you can decrease the intensity at any time and concentrate fully on your workout without worrying about changing the resistance on the bike.
      Air bikes allow you to train both the upper and lower body at the same time with their isokinetic resistance mechanism.

      Which are the benefits of Air Bike?

      This type of bike has many advantages. It is an ideal machine to train the whole body and, at the same time, lose weight. You can make the most of your cardio workout by doing a full body workout; upper body, lower body and even core. Furthermore, its use does not impact on the user's joints and it adapts to their physical condition. With them you can carry out longer low intensity training sessions. Therefore, it is a highly recommended machine if you have been injured and need rehabilitation. Just as you can perform low intensity training, if you increase the intensity, so will the resistance and strength, so you can define your muscles and even perform hypertrophy routines. Also, like the rest of the machines that offer cardiovascular training, they can delay aging, since practicing sports regularly with this type of machine will improve your immune system. It also improves cardiovascular endurance and anaerobic capacity as it allows you to maintain repeated contractions that your muscle is able to withstand over a long period of time. The first thing you should do before buying an Air Bike is to decide what you will use it for; home, semi-professional or professional since you have different models depending on the use you are going to give it.

      Technical characteristics of the Air Bike

      1. Dimensions
      2. Console
      3. Structure
      4. Maximum user weight


      The size of the Air Bike refers to the space it occupies, a fundamental aspect if you do not have enough space at home. Therefore, before purchasing the machine, take this factor into account so that you can exercise without any problem.


      Air Bikes have a console and an integrated LCD screen that takes measurements, and some models are programmable to make your exercises more complete through the different training options.


      The structure of the Air Bike is composed of robust and stable materials that guarantee the safety of the user during its use. In addition, the fan included is incorporated into the structure so that it does not hinder the use of the machine. On the other hand, the saddle has an ergonomic design that relieves the pressure allowing you to support intense cardio workouts.

      Maximum user weight

      The maximum user weight is directly related to the strength of the Air Bike. Depending on the model you purchase the maximum weight is different. Therefore, make sure that there is some difference between your weight and the maximum weight supported by the machine to ensure safety during training.

      How should you take care and maintain the Air Bikes

      First of all, you must be aware of the noises that your Air Bike emits and in case it is strange to you, follow up so that a minor problem does not become a major one by not taking it into account as it should be. Therefore, contact the manufacturer's technical service for any indication of unusual noises.
      On the other hand, you should check after every training that all the parts are correctly adjusted to avoid damage in your next training sessions.
      Finally, it is also important to clean the machine after each use, as sweat and dust can be corrosive and damage the life of the machine. To avoid this, you can clean your Air Bike with a damp cloth and a cleaning spray specific for these machines, like the ones you can find in the variety of accessories. This will ensure the longevity of the machine and your safety during use.

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