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Electro stimulators specialized in fitness and muscle strengthening are technological devices designed for users who are not expressly looking to develop muscles, but are looking to harmonize them. If your aim is to define your muscles, make them firm and toned, or to relax them after a workout session, the fitness and muscle strengthening electro stimulator is what you need.

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  • MI-scan. Restores strength and muscle tone while relieving pain. Offers massage programs for fitness fans who practice their activity 3 times per week.
    Compex Fit 3.0 Electrostimulator

    Compex Fit 3.0 Electrostimulator

    Delivery 3 - 5 working days
    • Develops your muscles, sculpts your body and helps you relax. Designed for people who workout daily.
      Compex Wireless Fit 5.0 Electrostimulator

      Compex Wireless Fit 5.0 Electrostimulator

      Delivery 3 - 5 working days
      • Sculpts your body, tones your abs and relieves pain. The stimulator for fitness and health fans who practice their activity 1 to 2 times per week. For those who want to stay in good shape.
        Compex Fit 1.0 Electrostimulator

        Compex Fit 1.0 Electrostimulator

        Delivery 3 - 5 working days

        Buying guide: what should I know before buying an electrostimulation machine?

        The range of fitness and muscle strengthening electro stimulators offers a wide variety of programmes, so we should select the equipment that is best focused on achieving our objectives. To understand this better, we should look at the following list:

          · Fitness Programmes that will help you to achieve your objectives such as: strengthening arms, toning thighs, strengthening the abdomen, developing biceps, building up shoulders and pectoral increase.

          · Aesthetic programmes: Define abs and firm up areas such as the buttocks and thighs.

          · Vascular programmes: Alleviate heavy legs, stimulate lymphatic drainage or prevent cramp.

          · Anti-pain programmes: Aimed at decontracting muscles or alleviating complaints such as neck pain, back pain, torticollis or lumbago.

          · Massage programmes: Guarantee relaxing, regenerating or invigorating massages.

        Fitness and Muscle Strengthening Electro Stimulators

        What types of electrostimulators for muscle mass gaining are there:

        There are several types of electrostimulators for fitness and musculation. As we have explained before, it is important to be clear about your objective or objectives. Once you have defined them, you will have to see which of the electro-stimulators we offer will help you achieve your objective. The electro stimulators that include fitness and bodybuilding programs can help you work different areas of your body. The most common body areas to train are:

        Electro stimulator for buttocks

        If your goal is to work your buttocks, you should opt for an electro stimulator that includes the fitness program that has this purpose. Through electrical stimulation you can correct flaccidity, reduce fat deposits and even increase the size of the treated area.

        Pectoral electro stimulator

        On the other hand, if your purpose is to increase and define your pectoral, with a fitness electrostimulator you can also achieve it. As with the buttocks, the stimulation will be a perfect complement to your workouts.

        Abdominal electrostimulator

        To strengthen your abdomen, electrostimulation will be of great help as a complement to the active exercise you do. This way you will be able to tone your mid-body area and help your muscles to define themselves.

        Lumbar electrostimulator

        To treat discomfort or strengthen your lower back, the anti-pain programs included in the electro-stimulators are perfect for this purpose. You will be able to strengthen this area and prevent future injuries.

        Wireless technology

        Is it better to have a wireless or wired electro stimulator?

        A wireless electrostimulator, such as some of the Bluetens electrostimulators, guarantees greater comfort and freedom of movement. guarantees greater comfort and freedom of movement and it is demonstrated that training with an electro stimulator considerably improves the performance and maximizes results. So if you intend to use it during the workout, a wireless device will be the best option. But if you do not intend to use the electro stimulator during your workouts, a device with a wired connection will be enough to cover your needs.

        Fitness and Muscle Strengthening Electro Stimulators

        Benefits of training with electrostimulation

        Electrostimulation allows us to increase the number of hours we train, improve the quality of training and recover better. Whatever the sport we practice, regular and adapted use of electrostimulation allows us to increase our level of demand. You will gain time, efficiency and improve your performance. You should know that you can use your electrostimulator before, during and after your workouts. But before doing so, you should check which programs it has and if they are the right ones to achieve your goals.


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