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Beauty treatments
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Beauty treatments

One of areas where the passage of time is more clearly noticed is the face, but let?s not forget the rest of the body. The aim of beauty treatment products is to recover the image that may have weakened due to several factors. So, manufacturers such as Wellbox, Homedics, Remington, Rio or Tecnovita by BH, are working to launch market products that may be for home and also professional use, the objective being to help improve treatments.

The products that we contemplate within this category are cavitation, Wellbox, hair removal, facial treatments, manicure and pedicure, and hair treatment.

Beauty treatments

Brands vs products

Wellbox is a brand focused on the manufacture of body and facial cell stimulation devices. With the techniques they use, physiological processes can be reactivated to improve both the skin (when working on the face), and to accelerate the slimming process (for body treatment).

Tecnovita by BH, has a wide range of products dedicated to body and face care. But in this category, the star product features cavitation. Cavitation is a new and non-invasive technique, i.e. it does not require surgery, it is used to shape the figure. Cavitation devices reduce volume, eliminating cellulitis and fatty deposits located in the abdomen, hips, sides, arms, thighs and knees.

Homedics is dedicated exclusively to health products and welfare. Within this category, they develop products related to hand and foot care (manicure and pedicure), and products related to hair removal. For the latter products, Homedics focuses on the development of professional, technological products for home use, such as hair removal devices using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radiofrequency. IPL converts light energy into thermal energy by heating up the shaft of the hair and then the follicle, weakening it to inhibit new growth. The energy of RF, is concentrated in the follicle by heating it, amplifying the heat and inhibiting the follicle permanently. The combination of both technologies enables faster and more efficient results to be obtained.

Remington is a brand focused on photo depilation. Its hair removal products are based on the pulsed light system. IPL operates by directing an extremely brief and intense pulse of filtered light towards the skin. The light is absorbed by the colour pigments that are in and around the hair and temporarily disables the hair follicle or stops it from regrowing.

RIO is dedicated to the creation of products for face and body care. All their products combine the best from professional centres and more advanced technologies. Their products are focused on hair removal products using electrolysis, domestic laser, or more traditionally, waxing. The former system uses micro current technology known as electrolysis to weaken the follicle or hair root, avoiding new growth. The micro current changes the pH of the follicle skin to alkaline, permanently destroying the hair root and the cells of the papilla (these cells are responsible for the growth of hair). Laser hair removal works by laser acting directly on the hair follicle to destroy the root.

Beauty treatments