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What is electro-stimulation?

Electro-stimulation is a technique for training and recovery purposes which is based on electrical-stimulation of the muscles. The difference to voluntary muscle stimulation and electrical stimulus is that with electrical stimulation, the muscle contracts and extends because of the action of the electro-stimulation on the muscle , without the brain having sent a signal for it to do so. In fact, when we decide to flex a muscle, the brain sends an order in the form of an electrical current which moves at great speed via the nerve fibres to the muscle which reacts by contracting. However, in the case of electro-stimulation, the stimulus is produced directly to the muscle.

The impulses provoked with electro-stimulation are perfectly controlled and guarantee effectiveness, safety and comfort. In fact, the muscle cannot notice the difference between a contraction ordered by the brain and one provoked by this new and ever more popular technique of electro-stimulation.


What is ELECTROSTIMULATION and what is it used for

Why use an electro stimulator?

Electro-stimulation devices are ideal accessories to use during training or to occasionally even take the place of training. There is an extensive catalogue with specific programs with which to improve your results, tone your body or to aid recovery after a hard workout or following an injury. These different devices and their programmes offer a wide variety of possibilities aimed at strengthening and improving our body, always following a safe and secure technique.

For all these reasons, an electro stimulator is an excellent way to improve your training, before, during and after your workouts.


Keys for choosing an electro stimulator


    Before choosing between one electro stimulator or another, you have to decide what your objective is, as some of them have programmes which are more focussed towards a particular kind of use, such as sport or fitness, muscle recovery, body toning, or on the other hand, maybe you want to use it for aesthetic purposes. So, we have to first define our objectives. Why do we want or need an electro stimulator?


    Once you have decided on the training and your targets, you will have a better idea of which range of electro stimulators you should be looking at. Within the category of electro-stimulation, there is a wide range of possibilities. The electro stimulators from the sports and performance range, are not the same as those which are catalogued for fitness and muscle building, nor the same as those which are classified as being for pain relief and rehabilitation, nor those which are more focussed on aesthetic purposes, such as the belts and shorts. Each range will have its own characteristics and programmes depending on the objective for which the electro stimulator was intended, and it will depend on your own aims which one you choose.


    Once we know which range we are going to look at, it is necessary to analyse the electro stimulators and what each model offers. It will depend on your objective whether you choose one which has programmes focussed on one particular target or another, as even within the same range, there are electro stimulators with programmes aimed at a more specialized public, or more basic electro stimulators which are designed more for beginners. So, you have to study carefully the features of each electro stimulator such as: the number and kind of programmes built in to the device, the maximum intensity it can reach, the progression levels, the connection cables, the number of objectives, the technology, etc.

Which electrostimulation programme to choose