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What are muscle toning accessories?

The muscle toning range of accessories includes all kinds of accessories to be used to complement and support functional training, the basic objective of which is to train the movement of different parts of the body in a natural way, and not just focussing on the muscles. Through this technique, which is becoming ever more popular in sports centres, all the muscles are worked at the same time and, thereby improving your fitness, agility and coordination.

Products for abdominal stretching and toning, boxing and martial arts, elastic bands, fit balls, medicine balls, exercise mats, and skipping ropes. A whole range of easy to use and economically priced accessories, which take up hardly any space in the home and can be used in almost any training programme to make it more intense, more varied and more enjoyable.

Toning Accessories

The benefits of muscle toning accessories

Muscle toning accessories have numerous benefits. Training with fitballs, for example, improves your flexibility, balance and coordination. Other accessories, such as skipping or jump ropes, help to improve agility.

All these products are part of a range of simple and versatile accessories which can be included in any training plan and with which you can do a huge variety of exercises to work out and tone all your muscles, either individually or in specific muscle groups.

Toning Accessories

Buyer's guide


    When it comes to choosing between the different muscle toning accessories available on the market, the most important thing is to have clear in your mind which type of training you want to use them for, as these accessories differ considerably and are designed for different activities. Choose the accessory depending on your targets and your training.


    Once you decide which type of accessory is most suited to your needs, target and training programme, you should look at the technical specifications. Within the same range of accessories, the weight, material, size, length etc can all vary and these are important factors to bear in mind when choosing a particular product. Once again the technical specifications you choose will depend on the type of training and your targets.

  • 3. DESIGN

    Finally, design is usually a determining factor when it comes to making a purchase. Accessory manufacturers are aware of this and so each year their product ranges vary and new products are launched on the market to suit all tastes.