Pulley Machines

The pulley machines are a suitable element for complementary exercise, with them you can work a multitude of muscles at the angle you want. This type of machine supports a wide variety of accessories that help you train various parts of the body effectively. Pulley Machines

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  • Limitless variety of balance-improving, coordination-enhancing, user-defined workout regimens.
    Body-Solid GDCC200 Stability Training
    Autumn Discounts

    Body-Solid GDCC200 Stability Training

    • Weight stacks:> 140
  • Puts you in position to perform hundreds of strength-efficient exercises including cable crossovers, one-arm rows, leg kickbacks and inclined fly.
    Body-Solid Selectorized Deluxe Cable Center GDCC250
    • Weight stacks:> 140
  • Limitless variety of balance-improving, coordination-enhancing, user-defined workout regimens.
    Body-Solid GDCC210 Stability Training
    Autumn Discounts

    Body-Solid GDCC210 Stability Training

    • Weight stacks:> 140
  • With 2 height adjustable pulleys for multi-purpose training. Ideal for personal training studios, hotels and all types of gyms.
    Bodytone PTM EC01 Functional Smith Machine
    • Weight stacks:[90-100)

Buying guide: what to know before buying pulley machines online

The pulley machines are very versatile as the weight and height of the grip can be adjusted, so that the upper and lower body can be trained. It has many functions as with the pulley machines you can increase your strength, tone your body or maintain your muscles.
In addition, you can combine it with different activities. For example, if you combine the exercises of the pulley machine with high intensity cardio you can achieve a complete and very effective workout.
Before purchasing your pulley machine it is important that you take into account the following aspects:
First of all you will have to decide if the pulleys you need are for home, semi-professional or professional use.

Em primeiro lugar, deve decidir qual será o seu uso; doméstico, semiprofissional ou profissional.

Types of pulleys

  • Fixed pulleys: these are pulleys that are suspended from a fixed point and do not move when used. Some machines have several heights of fixed pulleys to train different areas more easily.
  • Movable Pulleys: these types of pulleys are suspended from a fixed point as well but they move when they are used. By using movable pulleys the force is multiplied, having more movable pulleys in a machine, less effort is needed to lift weight.
  • With both types of pulleys you can achieve complete exercises since they allow you to train your whole body in a comfortable way.

    Technical characteristics of the pulley machines

    1. Dimensions
    2. Structure
    3. Maximum load and resistance
    4. Maximum user weight


    You must take into account the dimensions of the pulley machines, this refers to the space they occupy, a fundamental aspect if you do not have enough space at home. Therefore, before buying your machine, take into account this factor so that you can exercise without any inconvenience.


    The structure of the pulley machine guarantees maximum stability and some models offer the possibility of regulating its height and amplitude in order to be able to practice numerous exercises without friction.

    Maximum load and resistance

    The maximum load refers to the maximum weight you can load on the machine. You must also take into account the resistance ranges of the machine to know the range it has.

    Maximum user weight

    The maximum weight supported is directly related to the strength of the pulley machine. Depending on the model you purchase the maximum weight is different. Therefore, make sure that there is a certain difference between your weight and the maximum weight supported by the machine to ensure your safety during your workout.

    Which are the benefits of training with a pulley machine?

    Pulley machines have numerous benefits. The most remarkable is the wide variety of workouts it offers. It allows you to perform specific exercises for many zones and also, if you wish, add accessories (dumbbells, bars...) making your workout even more complete.
    In addition, as you can adjust the height of the pulleys at different angles we can achieve a faster development of the muscles. It allows you more intensity in less time.
    Another benefit is the security offered by its structure with which you can advance in your training and propose new challenges little by little.

    How should you take care and maintain the pulley machines?

    Regarding the care of the pulley machines, it is important to check from time to time that the joints of the machine are not rusty and grease it regularly so that the joints and connections of the machine are in optimal condition. It should also be carefully checked that no parts are missing from the machine as this can affect the training and harm the user when performing the exercise.
    It is also essential to check the wiring on this type of machine, seeing that it is not stripped or misaligned.
    It is also essential to clean the machine of pulleys after each training session, with a strong>damp cloth and non-abrasive detergent. This will ensure the longevity of the machine and safety during each training session.


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