Plyo Boxes

Plyometric boxes are a perfect accessory for your functional workouts. In crossfit boxes is one of the most used elements because with a single object you can vary your exercises and routines. Crossfit boxes can be composed of different materials and sizes so it is important to take this into account before choosing one.

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  • The box was made of wood inside and covered with a 1000D hard cover made of EVA.
    Tunturi Plyo Box Soft (EVA) 40/50/60cm

    Tunturi Plyo Box Soft (EVA) 40/50/60cm

    Delivery 3 - 5 working days
    • Made of eucalyptus and poplar wood.
      AFW wooden plyometrics drawer 2.0

      AFW wooden plyometrics drawer 2.0

      Delivery 3 - 5 working days
      • Has different lateral dimensions and therefore the training can be varied by simply changing or lying down the box.
        Tunturi Plyo Box Wood

        Size: 40/50/60cm, 50/60/75cm

        • Integrated handles for easy movement. Rounded edges and corners to reduce the risk of injury. Internal reinforcement makes the drawer stronger and more robust. Puzzle joints.
          Ruster Wood Plyo

          Ruster Wood Plyo

          Delivery 3 - 5 working days
          • Safety is key to the soft plyo box design as the reinforced soft foam protects you on jumps while remaining firm enough to perform all your favorite plyometric movements.
            Body-Solid Soft Plyobox
            Autumn Discounts

            Body-Solid Soft Plyobox

            Delivery 3 - 5 working days
            • The Body-Solid Plyo Boxes are a must-have training tool for explosive jump and speed training.
              Body-Solid Plyo Box 6 Inch / 15 cm BSTPB6

              Size: 6 Inch / 15 cm

              • The box was made of wood inside and covered with a 1000D hard cover made of EVA.
                Tunturi Plyo Box Soft (EVA) 50/60/75cm
                • Jerk Boxes are used for various functional cross training exercises, and bars with heavy objects can also be placed in them so that they can be lifted easily.
                  Ruster Jerk Boxes (pair)
                  • Plyometric box made of poplar and pine plywood, designed for high intensity workouts. Ideal for developing strength and elasticity.
                    Ruster Wood Plyo

                    Plyo Boxes Buying Guide

                    Buying a plyometric box may seem like a simple decision, but there are some aspects that it is good to consider so that it adapts to your needs in the best possible way.

                    Crossfit Boxes

                    The activity in which plyometric boxes are most commonly used is crossfit, being one of the most common elements in crossfit boxes. Including these boxes in your crossfit routines you will achieve great benefits:

                    On the one hand, they will increase your endurance, speed and strength when performing HIIT exercises with them. Your legs will have more power and you will be more agile and flexible.

                    In addition, with this accessory you will be able to burn fat quickly because it allows you to do intense routines.

                    Finally, with the plyometric jump boxes you will build defined muscles and they are perfect to combine them with different routines.

                    Other aspects to take into account are the material and size of the plyo boxes. Not all models are the same and that's why you have to look at which one suits what you are looking for.

                    Crossfit boxes can be made of different materials: wood, foam (high-density rubber) and even metal, but the latter is not so common.

                    Foam Plyo Boxes

                    Padded or foam plyometric boxes are specially designed so that you can boost both your vertical jump and the explosive strength of your lower body. Although they seem less resistant than wooden ones, this material also guarantees sturdiness and safety during your workouts, even after intensive use.
                    The main difference compared to wooden jumping boxes is their weight, as foam boxes are usually much lighter than wooden ones.

                    Wooden Plyo Box

                    As far as wooden boxes are concerned, they are ideal for doing your daily workouts. They are extremely resistant because of their coating and there are models that focus their designs on minimizing the damage that you can exercise with the same as blows to the shins or scratches that you could cause you with its edges.

                    Finally, you should know that we also have models that combine both materials, with a wooden interior and a foam exterior that allow you to perform a multifunctional training with total security.

                    On the other hand, the dimensions of the plyo boxes also vary from one model to another. Typically, they range from about 40 centimeters to approximately 75 centimeters high. The lower height boxes are designed for beginners in the discipline. The higher heights are for those who are looking for higher jumps and are more experienced. Note that there are models that allow you to have 3 sizes in 1 which allows you to optimize your space and vary your workouts.

                    Buy Plyometric Boxes at the best price online

                    If you are thinking of getting functional training equipment, the plyometric box has an affordable price at fitnessdigital and allows you to do different exercises that you can incorporate into your daily routine.

                    Exercises you can do with plyo boxes

                    There are many exercises that you will be able to perform with your plyometric box; the most common ones are as follows:

                    • Box jumps
                    • Step-ups
                    • Burpees
                    • Box push-ups
                    • Calf raises
                    • Triceps (various exercises for strengthening)

                    In addition to these exercises you can try other variations and add more or less difficulty to them depending on the height of your plyometric box.