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What is a weight bench?

Weight benches are apparatus that make it possible to carry out diverse and varied exercises, changing the zone you are working on by moving positions, and are the best choice for strength training. Some types of benches include additional supports for using weights and other extras for different exercises, such as bars, or supports for arms or legs, which act as a further boost in training and help to increase intensity. It is also possible to use them as an accessory for power racks or cages in order to achieve much more complete muscle strengthening workouts.

There are different types of benches which, depending on their characteristics, make it possible to work one zone or another of the body. There are benches whose goal it is to help the user to work specific muscle groups. This is the case of the lumbar benches, designed to strengthen lumbar regions; curl benches, designed for training and toning biceps and triceps, or dips and Roman chairs, designed for arms and abdominals. Multi-position benches and Olympic benches are the most common for free weight training.

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Benefits of weight benches

Weight benches are simple, economical equipment, easy to use and also to store after training, as most are foldable and this facilitates both their initial assembly and subsequent storage.

They are stable products, robust and adaptable to all users and levels due to the wide range of possible exercises and the complements that can be integrated. The use of weight benches contributes to increasing power and muscle mass.

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A buyer's guide for muscle strengthening benches


    The first aspect to bear in mind when buying a muscle strengthening bench, is the muscle group you wish to work. As we have already mentioned, there are benches that focus on specific muscle groups, which means the choice of bench will depend, to a large extent, on the user's goals.


    Once you have chosen the type of bench, it is important to verify the maximum load and additional support that it can bear, the number of exercises and adjustments that are possible, solidity, comfort and stability when training, the material with which it was manufactured and, also important, the dimensions of the apparatus. Based on the user's knowledge of the space at home and his goals, these factors will be decisive in the choice.


    Besides the type of bench and it features, it is worth checking the use it is able to support. There are benches that are prepared for occasional, regular use, and others for intensive use. Choosing a bench for occasional use and then subjecting it intensive use may reduce the lifespan of the bench significantly.

How to choose the BEST weight bench