Multi-stations are muscle strengthening machines that combine the numerous possibilities and advantages of weight training and workbenches. With different workout options such as High Pulley, Low Pulley, Butterfly, Biceps Desk, Bench Press, Leg Accessory, etc. Depending on the model, multi-stations are very practical for developing strength and defining muscles, offering complete workout series which adapt to the user.

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  • Heavy Duty 14 Gauge Powder Coated Steel Tubing. Box Stitched Padded Seat and Backrest. Independent Motion Chest Press & Vertical Butterfly.
    Marcy Eclipse HG3000 Compact Home Gym
    • Weight stacks:[60-70)
  • Has the flexibility to appeal to both starters and experienced trainers alike.
    Marcy MKM-81010 Home Gym
    • Weight stacks:[90-100)
  • You'll be able to tone and condition your legs, arms, upper and lower body by making use of the equipment's different functionalities.
    ION Multi Function Home Gym
    • Weight stacks:[70-80)
  • 100kg weight stack with protective steel weight stack enclosure
    Adidas Home Gym
    • Weight stacks:[100-120)
  • Exclusive controled training system.. Leg press and abdominal flexor with dip.
    BH New G152NFD Multigym
    • Weight stacks:[70-80)
  • Great for targeting quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, chest, back, shoulders, triceps, biceps, forearms, trapezius and abs.
    Proform Sport Power Stack XT Home Gym
    • Weight stacks:[50-60)
  • A robust piece of equipment ideal for the overall workout.
    Marcy GS99 dual stack gym
    • Weight stacks:[60-70)
  • Deluxe Home Gym with 90 kg Selectorized Weight Stack. Heavy Duty 14 Gauge Powder Coated steel Tubing. Adjustable Box Stitched High Density Seat and Backrest. Independent Multi Position Adjustable Chest.
    Marcy Eclipse HG5000 Deluxe Home Gym
    • Weight stacks:[90-100)
  • Tone and train your legs, arms, upper and lower body by making use of this equipment s defferent functionalities.
    BH Multigym Plus G112X
    • Weight stacks:[50-60)
  • Body-Solid's Fusion 600 has all the angles covered for the ultimate combination of traditional and functional training in a compact, club-quality personal trainer
    Body-Solid Fusion 600 Personal Trainer
    • Weight stacks:[90-100)
  • The most complete home gym. You will work the whole body
    Powerline PHG1000X Home Gym
    • Weight stacks:[70-80)
  • Advanced engineering has resulted in exceptional range of motion and full adjustability for any size user.
    Body-Solid G3S Home Gym
    • Weight stacks:[70-80)
  • Strengthen your chest with a combination chest press and butterfly station.
    Proform Carbon Strength Multi Station
    • Weight stacks:[50-60)
  • For use with the FUSION 500 or FUSION 600 Personal Trainer Gyms.
    FUSION Weight-Assisted Dip & Pull-Up Station
    • Weight stacks:--
  • Fast and simple installation make this a must-have for your plate load system. Includes five 10 lb. plates.
    Body-Solid 50 lb. Weight Stack Add-On Kit - 5 x 10lb
    • Weight stacks:--
  • Space Saving Complete Home Gym. 72 kg Selectorized Weight Stack. Heavy duty 14 Gauge Powder Coated Steel Tubing. Box Stitched High Density Seat and Backrest. Dual Function, Independent Motion.
    Marcy Eclipse HG7000 Press Gym
    • Weight stacks:[70-80)
  • Multistation with a wide range of weights for progressive training. Allows 14 different exercises. Fully enclosed.
    BH Nevada Plus Multistation
    • Weight stacks:[70-80)
  • Its reinforced frame and 7 support points assure a maximum stability for most demanding users. Exercise control with a maximum tension of 100 Kg.
    BH TT Pro G156 Home Gym

    BH TT Pro G156 Home Gym

    • Weight stacks:[100-120)
  • Now you can enjoy the benefits of BiAngular Technology when doing chest presses, incline presses and shoulder presses. It is like working out with free weights.
    Body-Solid Home Gym G10B

    Body-Solid Home Gym G10B

    • Weight stacks:[90-100)
  • This Leg Press operates on a 2 : 1 ratio that turns the 95 kg weight stack into an awesome 191 kg of maximum resistance and pivots on a sealed pillow block ball bearing system for the ultimate in strength, durability and friction-free performance.
    Body-Solid EXM2750G Home Gym
    • Weight stacks:[90-100)
  • With a reinforced steel structure and comfortable upholstery, you can do your muscle training without leaving your home.
    BH Indar G127 Home Gym

    BH Indar G127 Home Gym

    • Weight stacks:[80-90)
  • Will help you build a wider, beefier Back and/or stronger and bigger Biceps and Triceps.
    Body-Solid GLA378 Lat Pull Down Extension
    • Weight stacks:--
  • Dual function press arm provides chest press and independent pec fly exercise. Allows you to have up to 220 lbs of resistance.
    Marcy MKM-1101 Home Gym
    • Weight stacks:[60-70)
  • Tone and train your legs, arms, upper and lower body by making use of this equipment s defferent functionalities.
    ION Fitness Plus Home Gym
    • Weight stacks:[50-60)
  • Comfort and safety.
    Body-Solid Weight Satck Adapater plate 5lb / 2.27kg
  • Comfort and safety.
    Body-Solid Tools Weight Satck Adapater plate 2.5lb

Buying guide: What to consider before buying mult-gyms?

Choosing a multi-station that adapts to your needs, space and objectives, is important. In the following video you can see a simple guide with benefits of training with a multi-gym or Smith machine at home:

Train your whole body The advantages of having a multi-gym at home

Below we have a series of points with their corresponding indications which will serve as a guide when buying a multi-station:

  1. Workout options
  2. Weight Stack
  3. Structure and solidity
  4. Adjustments and Comfort
  5. multi-station

    Workout options

    Depending on the model, the multi-station may include more or fewer workout possibilities, both for the Lower Body and for the Upper Body. Some stations that these machines may include are: High Pulley, Low Pulley, Butterfly, Biceps Desk, Bench Press, Wide Bar or Latissimus, Leg Lever.

    • High Pulley: Used to work the back and shoulders precisely and efficiently.
    • Low Pulley: Used to work the legs (glutes), and also workouts for the back, trapezius, triceps and deltoids.
    • Butterfly: Used to work the chest, mainly the pectorals.
    • Bench Press: Used to work the pectorals, shoulders and deltoids.
    • Leg Lever: Used to work the quadriceps, flexing and stretching the legs.

    With these work posts, several exercises can be carried out, for example:

    • Lower Body:
    • Lumbar extension exercises.
    • Trunk flexing to work abs with the high pulley.
    • Bar exercises to work glutes.
    • Bar exercises to work quadriceps.
    • Bar exercises to work calf muscles.

    • Upper Body:
    • Triceps exercises on the high pulley.
    • Biceps exercises on the low pulley.
    • Bar press exercises for pectoral muscles.
    • High elevation exercises to workout the deltoids.

    Weight Stack

    All the multi-stations have a weight stack made up of weights plates. This column, located at the back of the machine and with a variable number of weights according to the model, is what makes it possible to establish a fixed resistance during training. A resistance that you will be able to vary at any time according to your goals and needs. Depending on your training goals, you will want a smaller or a larger weight stack.

    Structure and solidity

    The material with which the multi-station has been manufactured determines its solidity, and the more solid the structure, the more stable and comfortable the training. Similarly, we must bear in mind the maximum weight capacity of the multi-station, in order to guarantee optimum workouts.

    Adjustments and Comfort

    For the workout to be as comfortable and efficient as possible, the multi-station must permit several adjustments, mainly in the seat. Most professional multi-stations prepared for regular training do so, giving comfort and precision to each movement.

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that if you are looking for home gym machines, you have a wide catalog where you will have to decide whether you prefer a training cage, a multifunctional rack or a pulley machine. Depending on the space you have and the type of training you want to carry out some machines will be more suitable than others, therefore, look at the buying guide of each category to know what you train in each of them.

¿Qué beneficios tienen las máquinas multiestaciones?

  • Multi-gym machines offer a wide variety of exercises in the comfort of a single machine. Therefore, if you do not have time to go to the gym or enough space at home to have different machines, the multi-gym will allow you to train different exercises without having to purchase the machines individually.
  • The body parts that can be trained are many ranging from chest and arms to legs and buttocks among others, which helps to get the body you want.
  • The multi-station equipment is very safe and easy to use, given the structure of the machine, it helps you achieve the perfect position to avoid injury. In addition, you can easily adjust the weight and use the resistance that suits you given your physical condition.
  • The multi-stations are made of highly durable material and if you should have any problems it is easy to find the part you need to fix it due to its mass production.
  • Since weight resistance is used in your exercises through weights and pulley you can build muscle easily. In addition, you can increase the resistance as you strengthen your muscles.
  • On the other hand, burning fat also promotes weight loss with some exercises. Therefore, it gives you the opportunity to train according to your needs.

How should you care for and maintain multi-station machines?

The multi-gym machines are not difficult to maintain but require a series of minimum care so that their useful life does not diminish and is maintained in optimal conditions for its operation.

The elements that you should check with a minimum frequency of 6 months are:

  • Wiring::

  • It should be monitored that the cables with which the multi-gym counts are in perfect condition without any damage (special attention to possible wear or lack of coatings) and that they are aligned.
  • Bars and supports:

  • One of the most important elements are the bars and supports as they are part of the structure, it is necessary to check with special attention the anchorages and carabiners, as well as the plates and welds.
  • Possible noises:

  • It should be taken into account if the machine is perceived to be making any suspicious noises, checking to see if they are coming from the pulleys or rails. If so, the problem can be solved by using liquid silicone, which will prevent the squeaking noises from continuing. If any other type of material is used, it can be corrosive and damage the machine so it is not recommended.
  • Dirt:

  • As with all fitness machines you should remove sweat after use and traces of dust.

Why buy multi-gyms in fitnessdigital?

In fitnessdigital we offer the best quality-price of multi stations, being able to acquire them at unbeatable prices. In addition, we have different models to suit your needs and budget easily, with the possibility of having free financing of the device. We adapt and advise you whether you are amateur, semi-professional or professional so that the multi-gym you choose is the one you need. Join our satisfied customers, most of the users who have tried the machines we offer recommend them!