The rack is a robust structure that allows you to train your strength and endurance. This machine allows you to place your weight bars with high weight loads providing you security during your workout.

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  • Independent motion upper pulley cable crossover design to vary your workouts.
    Marcy MD-8851R Smith Machine and Bench
    • 3 x 3'' solid steel, reinforced triangular brackets and oversized pegs all contribute to the staggering 226kg (500lb) load capacity, so you can lift without restriction.
      SteelBody by Marcy STB-98010 Utility Trainer Power Rack
      • For barbell training the SteelBody Squat Rack is second-to-none, combine it with the utility bench to press, squat, deadlift and row staggering loads up to 226kg.
        SteelBody by Marcy STB-70105 Squat Rack Base Trainer
        • It can help you with all your favorite free weight exercises by allowing you to target both your upper body and lower body muscle groups for an all-around total body workout.
          Marcy MWB-70500 Power Cage
          • Multi position pull up handles. Multiple olympic weight plate storage posts. Serrated commercial style bar catches. Extra large diameter steel tube frame.
            Reebok Home Rig
            • The ultimate freeweight system.
              Body Solid Multi-Press Rack GPR370
              • Adjust from 76.2 to 154.2 cms
                PowerLine PSS60X Squat Rack
              • A double landmine for 50mm or 28mm diameter bars is included at the bottom.
                BH G310 Power Rack

                Buying guide for a rack: what to know before buying racks online

                The rack is a tool that allows you to lift very heavy weights safely. It can be used for different exercises as it is a very versatile device (bench press, back and front squat, deadlifts, etc.). So, if you are looking to train both the upper and lower body safely without injury, this is what you are looking for.
                First of all, you must decide if you opt for a rack for home or semi-professional use since the models vary according to the range you decide.

                Technical characteristics of the rack

                1. Dimensions
                2. Bar weight limit
                3. Structure
                4. Maximum user weight


                Although it usually takes up less space than a multi-station or other type of fitness machine, you should take into account the dimensions of the rack you acquire so that you have the optimal space needed for your workout.

                Bar weight limit

                You must take into account the maximum weight that the structure admits to guarantee the correct use of the rack and not to deteriorate it. It is recommended that there is a certain difference to avoid injuries and wear that reduces its useful life.


                The structure of the rack guarantees maximum stability and offers the possibility of regulating its height in order to be able to practice numerous exercises. In addition, it can be used with a bench to expand the variety of possible exercises.

                Maximum user weight

                The maximum weight supported is directly related to the strength of the rack. Depending on the model you purchase the maximum weight is different. Therefore, make sure that there is a certain difference between your weight and the maximum weight supported by the machine to guarantee your safety during your workout.

                Which are the benefits of training with a rack?

                As we have indicated before, the biggest advantage offered by the rack is the safety of training with heavy weights in a comfortable way. In addition, having a rack for training gives you a variety of exercises by being able to combine its use with accessories such as benches that allow you to make a much more complete workout.

                How should you take care and maintain the racks?

                As far as the care of the racks is concerned, it is important to check from time to time that the joints of the rack are not rusty and to grease it regularly so that the joints and connections of the machine are in optimum condition. It should also be carefully checked that no parts are missing from the machine as this can affect the training and harm the user when performing the exercise.
                It is also essential to clean the rack after each workout with a damp cloth and non-abrasive detergent. This will ensure the longevity of the machine and safety during each workout.