Dumbbell racks

Dumbbell storage racks are used to store dumbbells. In general, each manufacturer has a storage system to store their own dumbbells.

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  • Holds up to 10 pairs of 2-25kg dumbbells.
    Body-Solid 2 Racks

    Body-Solid 2 Racks

    Delivery 7 - 10 working days
    • The dumbbell holder for the dumbbell system fits the MX55 and MX85 dumbbells. The MX Select Dumbbell Holder is space saving and easy to use, and perfect for any home gym.
      MX Select Dumbbells Stand

      MX Select Dumbbells Stand

      Delivery 2 - 4 working days
      • Maximum weight supported: 32 kg.
        AFW Pro Rack for adjustable dumbbells

        AFW Pro Rack for adjustable dumbbells

        Delivery 2 - 4 working days
        • Holds 10 pairs of hex dumbbells, each level is off-set, allowing unrestricted access to dumbbells.
          Body-Solid Vertical Rack for 20 Dumbbells
        • Structure of 50 x 100 x 2 mm.
          AFW 2-Tier 10 pairs Dumbblells Storage
        • 3-level storage for Body-Solid Dumbells.
          Body-Solid 3 Racks
        • Holds up to 8 a 12 pairs
          Ruster Hexagonal Dumbbells Rack
          • Its vertical storage system optimises space in the facility allowing for easy viewing, quick access and tidy organisation of the dumbbells.
            BH G505 Dumbbell Rack

            BH G505 Dumbbell Rack

            • Elegant and functional cylindrical stand with black finish and chrome-plated lid.
              AFW 10 Pairs Dumbbells Vertical Storage
              • Designed to hold 10 pairs of hexagonal rubber dumbbells. From 1 to 10kg, (Handle size 13.5 cm).
                Support for 10 pairs of dumbbells HEXRU
              • Heavy-gauge steel construction offers maximum durability and better performance in less space.
                Body-Solid 6 Pair Vertical Dumbbell Rack
              • Exclusive slant back design makes storage and retrieval a breeze.
                Body-Solid Optional Third Tier for GDR60
              • The storage height is about 62 cm.
                Tunturi Selector Dumbbell Stand
              • It folds for storage or portability so is perfectly suited to the mobile fitness professional.
                Powerblock Compact Weight Stand

              Dumbbell Racks Buying Guide

              It is as important to buy good dumbbells for exercise as it is to have a stable and durable support to keep them in perfect condition. Before deciding on one dumbbell rack or another, you should take into account some aspects that we will detail below.

              What types of dumbbell racks are there?

              On the one hand, you should know that not all dumbbells are the same, just as not all dumbbells have the same characteristics.

              There are vertical or horizontal dumbbell racks and depending on the space you have, one type or another will be better. Generally, horizontal dumbbell racks take up more space as they are longer structures and vertical dumbbell racks take up less space as the dumbbells are tighter.

              Each type has its pros and cons that you should analyze to make the best decision. Normally the horizontal dumbbell rack can hold more dumbbells since the adjustable dumbbell racks only have room for one set of dumbbells. However, there are also vertical dumbbell racks for several pairs of dumbbells.

              Keep in mind that horizontal racks can have one or two heights and you will need to decide which dumbbell rack you need depending on the number of dumbbells you own.

              In short, keep in mind whether your dumbbells are fixed or adjustable as it will be the biggest distinguishing feature for your dumbbell rack. Also, decide on the space you are going to allocate and check the measurements so that the dumbbell rack will fit perfectly.

              The most complete dumbbell rack for your workout

              At fitnessdigital we have dumbbells for a hexagonal dumbbell, round dumbbell, studio dumbbell, among others. Since usually the dumbbells have a similar grip, it is likely that in the same support you can put several types of dumbbells.
              However, to avoid mistakes, check the specifications of each model. The most complete dumbbell rack for your workouts will be the one that has space for the dumbbells you own, if you plan to have a single adjustable pair with a vertical support that is compatible with your dumbbells will be enough.