Kettlebell Racks

Kettlebell racks are reinforced structures with great strength and durability that will allow you to store your kettlebells safely and comfortably. It is necessary to take into account some basic aspects to guarantee a safe use of the same, such as, for example, the maximum loads supported, the type of kettlebell you own, the amount of kettlebells you want to store; among others.

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    Kettlebell Racks Buying Guide

    As with free weight accessories, it is as important to buy a quality accessory as it is to store it. If you don't use the right rack, your accessories can deteriorate more quickly and decrease their lifespan.
    Depending on the type and size of your kettlebell the support you will need will be one or another. Therefore, it is important that you keep the specifications of the stand in mind to avoid getting the wrong one.

    The best kettlebell rack

    Some of the kettlebell models in our catalog may have a built-in stand, so look carefully before choosing one. Normally, the stands are suitable for those who own more than one kettlebell and want to organize their space.
    Another aspect to consider is the weight of your kettlebell, not all racks can handle all loads. This is important as it will affect the use you can make of it.

    Kettlebell racks of 3 heights

    In our catalog you will find different types of supports. From a tray where you can place all your weights in a single height to supports of 2 or 3 heights. Depending on the amount of kettlebells you have, a larger or smaller size is better.

    We also have vertical or horizontal supports, if it is vertical the support will take up less space but will also have less space for your kettlebells.
    If you have a lot of kettlebells that you want to store and space is not an issue, horizontal racks of various heights allow you to optimize your space and keep your accessories tidy.


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