Inversion tables

The Inversion trainer table is a muscle training apparatus on which the user positions themselves upside down and which the angle of incline can be easily adjusted. Inversion trainer tables are made up of four parts: supports, lateral grips, back and foot holders. Inversion tables reduce the effects of gravity for a period, reducing stress, improve the circulation, relieving muscle, vertebrae and disc pain, improve posture and flexibility etc.

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    Buying guide: what to consider before buying inversion tables online

    The vertical inverter provides relief to your back (it stretches, relaxes and strengthens), especially to your lower back by strengthening your abdominals. In this way, it helps you stretch your spine and promotes the elongation of your muscles. In addition, the vertical inverter allows you to easily adapt the angle of inclination.
    To choose the right vertical inverter for your needs, you should carefully review its technical characteristics, which we will explain below.

    Technical characteristics of vertical inversion tables.

    The inversion tables have several technical characteristics that you should take into account such as:

    1. Dimensions
    2. Backrest
    3. Structure
    4. Height and maximum supported weight


    The dimensions of the inversion tables refer to the space they occupy, a fundamental aspect if you do not have enough space at home. Therefore, before purchasing your machine, take this factor into account in order to be able to exercise without any inconvenience.


    The upright inverter is ergonomically designed and comfortable for the user avoiding injuries through continuous exercise. In addition, its backrest is padded and some models are viscoelastic suitable for exercising without discomfort. Its backrest is adjustable to adapt to different positions, tilting freely through an adjustable strap that blocks the rotation of the backrest.


    The structure of the vertical inverter is composed of robust and stable materials that guarantee the user's safety during use. The safety straps provide protection during exercise. In addition, it is foldable which helps you to optimize your space at home being able to store it in any space.

    Height and maximum supported weight:

    The maximum supported weight is directly related to the strength of the vertical inverter. Depending on the model you purchase the maximum weight is different. Therefore, make sure that there is a certain difference between your weight and the maximum weight supported by the machine to ensure your safety during the workout. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the maximum user height to avoid injury.

    What are the benefits of inversion tables for bodybuilding?

    The main benefit of inversion tables is that with their use you can reduce back pain and intensify both the abdomen and the abdominal area.
    But not only that, as it contributes to reducing circulation problems that gravity can cause. For this, the vertical inverter is a natural form of traction that uses the weight of your body combined with gravity and thus decompresses the joints that support your weight.

    As your body is rotated, the force of gravity applies traction, which relieves pressure on the intervertebral spaces and nerve roots of the spine. Thus, as there is less pressure, cervical and lumbar pain decreases.
    Also, by decreasing the compression of the vertebrae, it corrects the alignment of your spine, improving your posture and relieving stress.
    On the other hand, it stimulates circulation, relieves varicose veins and fights cellulite. It also stimulates blood circulation in the head and thus prevents hair loss.

    How should you care for and maintain inversion tables?

    As for the care and maintenance of inversion tables, they do not require a lot of dedication but they do require a minimum to ensure the longevity of the machine. First of all, it is important to check from time to time that the seals of the machine for rust and to grease it regularly so that the joints and connections of the machine are in optimal condition.
    It should also be carefully checked that no parts are missing from the machine as this can affect the training and impair the user's ability to perform the exercise.
    It is also essential to clean the machine after each workout to remove dust and traces of sweat with a damp cloth and soap or non-abrasive detergent. This will ensure the longevity of the machine and safety during each workout.


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