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Power towers Marcy

Roman chairs are used to exercise the middle and upper part of the body (abdominals, back, arms and spine). This apparatus usually has three or four exercising positions: (1) push-ups for back and arms, (2) dips for triceps and shoulders, (3) abdominal muscles by raising the legs and knees and (4) low support for pectoral muscles. In this apparatus it is the user's own weight that is used in the exercises, enabling a personalized and tailored workout. Roman chairs are ideal for building strength, toning muscles and improving flexibility.

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  • Compact Power Tower With 'Flip Up'Arms. Angled Frame Secures Body against the Back Pad. For Perfect Positioning. Ergonomically Designed VKR Pads. Box Stitched Backrest.
    Marcy Eclipse CT6000 Power Tower

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    Marcy Eclipse CT6000 Power Tower

  • Effectively works chest, arms, back, shoulders and abs in just minutes a day.
    Marcy MD2100 Power Tower
  • Pull up Station, Dips, Knee Raises
    Power Station Marcy TC1800

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