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Unstable surfaces Bosu

Unstable surfaces are fitness accessories that provide an unstable environment. They increase the need for active balancing and increase proprioception, that is to say, knowledge about the position that each muscle occupies in the body, in order to be more aware and have fewer automatic responses when faced with different situations in sports or everyday life. Unstable surfaces are also a key tool in the functional workout and an essential accessory in rehabilitation from injuries, because they contribute to recovery and strengthen the protection of joints. More info

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Bosu Home Balance Trainer

Bosu Home Balance Trainer


Build your core strength and improve your coordination.

Bosu Pro Balance Trainer

Bosu Pro Balance Trainer


Stabilization, Agility Training - Strength, Stability & Flexibility Training for the Trunk

Bosu 3D Balance
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Bosu 3D Balance


Balance training, variation and versatility.

A Buyer's Guide to unstable surfaces

Unstable surfaces that are simple and ideal for persons of all ages and physical condition, provide a series of benefits that improve general wellbeing:

  • · Improve flexibility, balance and stability.
  • · Increase muscle stamina and central stability.
  • · Strengthen proprioceptive activity.
  • · Help to avoid injuries and reduce stress.
  • · Contribute to strengthening and toning the body.

Among the best known and most outstanding accessories in this category are Trainpods, Balance Boards and Bosu. They are all specifically designed to carry out plyometric exercises and improve balance and stability but, during set up, the Bosu permits a wider variety of exercises.

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