Cornilleau, world leader in the design of Ping Pong tables, offers innovative and high quality products focussed on the world of Outdoor Ping Pong. Products which combine ergonomics, design and quality, and which nowadays, are available in more than 75 counties.

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Why buy Cornilleau?

· Cornilleau, express their passion for table tennis through their exceptional products.

· Transmitting an admiration for ping pong: Cornilleau lives with table tennis and lives for table tennis, more than a sport, ping pong is its history. And this is what they wish to transmit: encouraging people to feel passionately about ping pong and meanwhile changing the vision of table tennis.

· Quality since 1969: Cornilleau has become the world leader in the design of table tennis equipment, with highly innovative products, offering compact technology in each one combining ergonomics, safety and design. Cornilleau is without doubt a synonym for quality throughout the world, recognised for the exceptional performance and durability of their products.

· Present in more than 75 countries: Cornilleau boasts a wide range of products, available in more than75 countries throughout the world.

· Creating unique sensations: For the Cornilleau team, playing the game is more important than winning. And it is for this reason that all our products are designed to provide a game with a unique feel.


History of Cornilleau

The Cornilleau Ping Pong tables are developed, designed and manufactured in France. The heart of the company is in Bonneuil-les-Eaux, in the Picardy region, where the Cornilleau family originate from.

As well as the line of Ping Pong tables designed for leisure, Cornilleau have developed an excellent professional line which have sponsored numerous international sports events. For example, the World Cup in 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

They data back to 1946, the year in which a carpenters workshop was opened in Bonneuil-les Eaux, by Emile Cornilleau.

In 1969, the first Ping Pong table was manufactured and production started on table tennis tables.

In 1979, new management was set up and Pierre Cornilleau became the head of the company.

In 1981, the first sponsorship agreement was signed with the French champion Jacques Secrétin.

In 1986, the first production line in which the paint on the ping pong tables was applied by means of a fully automated system.

In 1988, the new generation of outdoor tables was born, a new range of tables with solid laminated table tops.

In 1993, Philippe Gatien joins the Cornilleau team, and became World Champion in the same year.

In 1995, the technology of the tables improves, becoming more innovative.

In 2000, the brand diversifies and creates new bats, balls and other accessories based on the experience of Jean Philippe Gatien.

In 2003, Michel Pelele became manager of the SME.

In 2005, he creates the first bat for outdoor use in the world.

In 2009, the range is completed with products for competition players (table tops, table coatings, textiles, equipment, etc.)

In 2010, Cornilleau is now transporting their products to 65 countries all over the world and has become leader in the European market.