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What is creatine?

Creatine is a by-product of amino acids, with a very similar molecular structure to that found mainly in the muscles. It is produced by the body but may also be obtained through food of animal origin (meat or fish) and is related to the production of energy and levels of ATP, sports performance and the delay in fatigue.

Creatine provides explosive and immediate strength, acts as a muscle recoverer and contributes to an increase in muscle mass. We find basic formulations with different types of creatine (Monohydrate, Ethyl Ester and Kre Alkalyn) and more complex combinations with proteins or amino acids to meet a broad demand.


Types of creatine

Monohydrate: the best is creatine, very common among sportspersons because it helps to improve strength, recovery and muscle size. It delays fatigue and in combination with proteins or amino acids such as arginine provides incredible results.

Ethyl Ester: We are working on the incorporation of products to this subcategory. They are very interesting products due to their greater bioavailability, as well as favouring a faster increase in creatine in muscles, obtaining immediate results.

Kre Alkalyn: Kre Alkalyn type creatine supplements give better results with regard to the retention of liquids related to monohydrated creatine. It has a higher PH and, therefore, has a slower period of absorption and conversion, so it lasts longer and is more stable until its complete absorption by muscle cells.