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What is sports nutrition?

Sports nutrition is a specific type of nourishment which is used by sportspersons who wish to maximize performance in resistance exercise, increase muscle mass and strength in anaerobic sports or for those who wish to control their weight provided they lead a wholesome and healthy life combined with sport.

Sports nutrition is applied as a complement to all phases of training, from pre-training (hydration, energy) to the rest phase (joint health, recovery) and accompanies the sportsperson throughout the exercise, helping them to reach their goals.

Depending on the goal and type of sport, you will find a wide selection of the most complete products and most professional formulations on the market.

sports nutrition

Why choose sports nutrition?

Sports supplements are there to help every sportsperson concerned with obtaining good results. These products help to improve sports performance (speed, strength and mobility), provide a quicker recovery, and maintain suitable energy levels to be able to handle hard and intense workouts.

The formulations of these products are designed so that the user knows the exact amount of hydrates, fat and proteins he or she is consuming, which not only leads to achieving their goals, but also to extending the active life of a sportsperson. Sports nutrition marks the difference when accompanied by a good diet and constant training.

sports nutrition

Keys for choosing nutrition


    Pre workout: Before the workout good hydration and very light and easily digestible food is recommended, in order to avoid energy loss and ensure a sequential supply of nutrients to the body. You can satisfy these needs with energy bars or isotonic drinks with ideal amounts of carbohydrates.

    Intra-training: In addition to the above, gels are especially useful and are designed not to interrupt the workout and to delay fatigue.

    Post workout: To ensure optimal recovery and the prevention of possible injuries with products aimed at protecting the joints, vitamin and mineral complexes and specific products aimed at muscle recovery.


    For this type of sport, the body needs an extra amount of nutrients especially designed to develop muscles and strength that is difficult to achieve with the five meals a day we should be consuming. To achieve this, we should add supplements to our diet that will supply greater amounts of proteins, amino acids or other nutrients that actively collaborate in the development of muscle mass and produce the anabolic process.

    Among these supplements are those aimed at increasing weight, muscle mass, different types of creatine or precursors of nitric oxide that help the sportsperson to see the results of their effort more quickly.

    All the formulations are Doping Free and make responsible use of these supplements which are indispensable in the sportsperson?s routine.


    Sports nutrition dedicated to weight control is not a mere question of aesthetics, it is achieving fitness in a healthy way. Accompanied by physical exercise and a healthy and a balanced diet, it makes it much easier for the user to keep their ideal weight. Some of the supplements are thermogenic, others are fat mobilizers (CLA or different compositions based on L-Carnitine) and fat blockers or carbohydrates. With this broad range, we can avoid excesses as well consistently backing up our sports activities in order to achieve our goals.

    In line with the products designed for this type of personal care, we are developing a category based on nutricosmetics, in collaboration with the best brands to offer specific products for body care.