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Ping Pong or Table Tennis tables bring Table Tennis closer to the home environment, a popular sport practised at a professional level. It is demonstrated that, besides exercising most of the muscles in the body, it is a good cardiovascular workout and strengthens memory. Table Tennis requires a high level of game planning which translates to additional work for the prefrontal cortex (the area in charge of strategic planning) and demands a level of speed that improves the development of the areas of the brain that control motor skills. Therefore, Table Tennis players benefit from greater balance and manual dexterity than most other people. More info

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  • Table tennis
  • With a 22-mm panel, this table offers excellent rebound and is ready to receive the spins of the players of your team, whether in club or in institutional games. It's a table certified for competition that lets you play with the experienced players.
    Cornilleau Competition 540 ITTF Table Tennis
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    • Use: Indoor
    • Market: Competition
    • ITTF: Yes
  • Its Compact technology storage system, its double locking DSI system for panel and central unlocking handle allow very easy everyday handling. Its adjustable legs and fixed posts make it a well-rounded table.
    Cornilleau Competition 640 ITTF Table Tennis
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    • Use: Indoor
    • Market: Competition
    • ITTF: Yes

A buyer's guide to Table Tennis tables

Buying a table tennis table is a relatively simple action, but as with all purchases, there are some aspects that must be taken into account:

1) Type of use: indoor or outdoor

Table tennis tables, according to their use, may be divided into two categories: indoor and outdoor.

Generally, tables are made out of wood to guarantee optimum performance during the game, which means they are not waterproof and slight rainfall or an excess of humidity in the atmosphere could lead to irreversible damage. If you intend to use or keep the table outdoors, it is better to go for one which is designed specifically for this use, because outdoor ping pong tables, although slightly more expensive, do not usually suffer problems for rust or deformation and keep much better in adverse conditions.

Note: In both these categories there are table tennis tables which are approved by the ITTF, i.e., that comply with the demands and requisites set by the International Table Tennis Federation.


2) Storing the table

Some models of table are folding, while others are not. The fact that a table tennis table may be folded mainly affects the ease of transport and storage. Generally, there are usually fewer models that do not fold given how simple it is, but depending on the table and the system in question, moving the table may be more awkward. If you intend to leave the table set up permanently, this aspect may not be crucial, but if, on the other hand, you plan to move it continually, you would be better off choosing a simple folding table to make transport easier.


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