Air Purifiers

Air purifiers aim to clean the air. They are specially indicated for sportspersons, persons with allergies, asthma and other respiratory pathologies, but also for all those persons who wish to benefit from pure air. Air purifiers are essential devices in places where the ventilation is insufficient and, therefore, the air quality is not ideal.

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  • Air Purifiers
  • Filters and purifies polluted air to produce air of optimum quality that is free from contaminating particulate and environmental ozone and to reduce toxic, irritant and carcinogenic gases to comfortable levels.
    Zonair3d Pure Airbox portable Air Purifier
  • Filters and purifies polluted air, turning it into an air with optimal conditions, free from polluted particles, environmental ozone and with reduction of toxic, irritant and carcinogenic gases at comfort levels.
    Zonair3d Pure Airbox Home portable Air Purifier

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