Gels with caffeine Isostar

Gels with caffeine, belonging to the category of sports nutrition, are gels which provide sportspersons with a short energy peak during high intensive training workouts. Consuming gels is a useful option as they are easy to handle while doing sports.

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  • Energy + BCAA gel gel is rich in rapidly-absorbed carbohydrates for an immediate booster effect.
    Isostar Endurance BCAA Gel - 5 x 20g red fruits
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    • Goal: Energy
    • Administration: While training
  • Energy Gel is a carbohydrate energy gel. It is easily assimilated and digested, especially during intensive exercise.
    Isostar Energy Gel Caffeine - 24 x 35g
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    Flavour: Cherry, Strawberry-Banana

    • Goal: Energy
    • Administration: Before training
    • Format: Gel

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